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LA Policies & Procedures

LA Policies & Procedures

We help you manage and control the flow of all your business critical information e.g. HB legislation, circulars, bulletins, procedures and policies.

When embedded into your overall training strategy will ensure that staff are fully up to date with changes to legislation, procedures and policy.



Our system ‘Regs’ is a simple, effective and secure web-based solution to communicate with all staff to ensure they are aware of changes in legislation and internal procedures.

The system has been designed specifically for local authority legislative services such as Revenues and Benefits, Parking, Housing etc. but it can also be deployed corporately across the council.



  • Alerts you to new legislation in Plain English ready for distribution to staff
  • Tracks when content is sent, opened, read and understood
  • Reminds staff to complete tasks
  • Produces reports so that managers can audit results and identify training needs
  • Store your own content e.g. screen shots, internal procedures etc. so that staff can access the information again and again.


Minimise errors and waste

Improve performance, reduce claimant and official error and react quickly to changes in legislation. Crucially, Regs can help save you money by preventing and minimising waste.

Reduce training costs

Regs acts as both an online procedure manual for all of your own content and an e-learning system. Where content, procedures, circulars and quizzes can be assigned to staff.

Tackle poor performance and capability

The system enables you to enforce standards and provides a full audit of which documents were sent to an individual staff member, when they were opened and signed off, the number of quiz attempts etc.

Streamline the change process

The system introduces a LEAN and controlled change process ensuring that the right information is read by the right staff at the right time.

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