Adobe Illustrator Course CC Advanced | Training Course

Master Adobe Illustrator’s advanced features and revolutionise the way you work.

This advanced Adobe Illustrator course will build upon the knowledge from our Adobe Illustrator Introduction by moving from simple illustrations to more intricate and complex designs.

In this 1-day Adobe Illustrator course, you will learn advanced skills to create beautiful logos, packaging design, custom artwork or website layouts. We will take you beyond the basics with features like 3D effects, in-depth typographic control, advanced colour modes and the printing processes of finished designs.

This hands-on advanced Adobe Illustrator course is a proven method for those looking to achieve mastery of this industry standard application.


Before enrolling on this Advanced Adobe Illustrator course:

Why take this advanced Adobe Illustrator course?

Give voice to your creativity - apply your learning to create visually stunning graphics from scratch. Working on design projects will become so easy and fun.

Build your personal brand - your brand lets everyone know who you are and what you are about. With Adobe Illustrator you have the power to build your brand by designing personalised logos, business cards and ads.

Boost productivity - save valuable time by incorporating good workflow practices and gain the skills and confidence to take on new design responsibilities

Build your resume – when it comes to landing a new job or client, the competition can be fierce. Give yourself the edge over other applicants by having Adobe Illustrator on your CV.

Who should take this course?

Artists, designers, marketers and experienced Illustrator users wishing to take their skills and creative output to the next level with a thorough knowledge of the program.

1-Day Course Content

  • Object guides
  • Smart guides
  • Default workspaces
  • Paragraph and character styles
  • Creating outlined text
  • Curved lines of text
  • Cutting through text paths
  • Linking text
  • Open type
  • Type composition
  • Creating custom brushes
  • Calligraphic
  • Scatter and art
  • Saving and attaching brush libraries
  • Customising standard brushes
  • Using auto trace
  • Auto trace options
  • Converting artwork to paths
  • Editing/recolouring artwork
  • Advanced colour modes
  • Global colours
  • Colour palettes/colour swatches
  • Gradients
  • Colour picker
  • Extruding
  • Bevelling
  • Shade and light
  • Mapped art
  • Custom bevels
  • Revolving
  • Partial revolving
  • Rotation
  • Creating and releasing compound paths
  • Transparency control
  • Editing compound paths
  • Pathfinder palette
  • Creating and releasing a clipping mask
  • Modifying a clipping mask
  • Using symbols as a way of placing 'artwork'
  • Symbol instances
  • Symbol control
  • Symbol sprayer
  • Creating symbols from scratch
  • Managing symbols
  • Symbol libraries
  • Pen tools
  • Adding/removing anchor points
  • Averaging and splitting paths
  • Using scissors and knife
  • Editing paths
  • Using paths with smart guides for accurate positioning
  • Tips and tricks for using the pen
  • Print environment
  • Printing from Illustrator
  • Sending to PDF
  • Global PDF options