Adobe InDesign Training Advanced | Training Course

Hone your InDesign skills, improve productivity, and enhance your creative output

This hands-on advanced InDesign training course will expand on the concepts in our Introduction Course, and will provide existing Adobe InDesign users the ability to hone their skills, improve productivity and enhance the quality of their creative output.

With the explosion of digital publishing in recent years, high-quality InDesign training is no longer optional within the graphic industries.

Through this advanced InDesign training course, you will learn how to set up baseline grid attributes, create and use master pages and handle long documents to work more efficiently. You will then learn how to work with layers and use compound paths and shapes. Finally, you will also learn advanced gradient editing techniques and finally exporting to PDF and printing finished designs.

If your goal is to reach an expert level with Adobe InDesign, then this course is for you.


Before you enrol on Advanced Abode InDesign Training:

  • You need to have attended our Adobe InDesign Introduction course OR have a working knowledge of all the topics covered in the Introduction course outline.
  • You must have a practical working knowledge of using computers, including using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands.
  • You need to have Adobe InDesign installed before starting this course. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version from the Adobe website.

Why take this advanced InDesign training course?

It’s an asset to your business - use Adobe InDesign to create consistent, modern and professional designs that will help build trust with your audience and grow your brand

Add value to your services – a working knowledge of InDesign will give you confidence in what you create for employer or your client. Show up for the job like a pro

Create a passive income – Use your knowledge of InDesign to design and sell digital products and make a passive income

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Existing InDesign wishing to upgrade their skills by learning some of the more advanced features in InDesign.
  • Creative professionals seeking the fastest and easiest way to develop advanced skills with an emphasis on creating longer documents.


1 day

1-Day Course Content

  • InDesign preferences
  • Setting up and adapting the baseline grid attributes
  • Creating and applying style sheets
  • Benefits of using style sheets
  • Generating and formatting tables of contents
  • Generating and formatting indexes
  • Libraries and snippets
  • Book palette
  • Synchronising styles and colours
  • Page numbering across books/chapters
  • Creating and using master pages
  • Breaking master page links
  • Multiple master pages
  • Page numbering
  • Section breaks
  • Working with layers
  • Layer order and options
  • Layer adjustment options
  • Using compound paths and shapes
  • Text to frames
  • Image import options
  • Using clipping paths
  • Alpha channels (from Photoshop) best practice for importing and using transparent images
  • Graphic formats
  • Text on a path
  • Text path options
  • Drop shadows
  • Rounded corners
  • Transparency palette
  • Gradient editing
  • Print options
  • Packaging for print
  • Pre-flight options
  • Exporting to PDF