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Our aim is for you to get the most out of Power BI and effectively use the software's wide range of functionalities. We'll teach your how to manage complex calculations and produce advanced yet engaging interactive reports, so you can drive the best results! 

Our Microsoft Power BI live-online courses are available on the dates shown (for anyone, anywhere bookings) and for organisations to book as in-house virtual courses. The advanced course is split into the three modules below which will be delivered over the course of a day. We also offer 3 introductory modules in a 1-day course for those are just starting with their Power BI training. The training is delivered in small class sizes up to 10 delegates.

The next Advanced Power BI Course is running on (DATE TBC) and is priced at £195 per person plus VAT. Book course or request more information.

Course Content

Power BI Levels 4-6 - Advanced course

Power Bi Module 4:
More Advanced DAX

In this session your knowledge of DAX functions is taken further and you will learn what Vertipaq is and how it works in relation to data compression. You will also look at how calculations can be used where there are patterns in your data.

  • The Vertipaq engine explained
  • FILTER() function
  • Context transition finally makes sense
  • Counting things that didn’t happen (eg customers that haven’t purchased)
  • Customising Time Intelligence

Power BI Module 5:
Power Query

This session will show what Power Query is and when and how to use it for data processing. You will be introduced to the M Functions in Power Query and where to output your data.

  • When to use it and why
  • Built-in transformations
  • Introduction to the “M” language
  • Using Power Query to solve real world problems.
  • Workbook Distribution Options
  • Different Web Hosting options (SharePoint and Power BI)
  • Options to refresh workbooks

Power BI Module 6:
Visuals and Service

During this hand-on session you will learn how to produce visual reports in Power BI. Interactive Dashboards will be created and set up for sharing with others. You will also look at tips on how to manage your large collections of data to speed up calculations.

  • Key features of Reporting
  • Dashboards, Analyse in Excel
  • Sharing your data
  • Performance - How to Keep Your Files Small and Your Calculations Fast

Who should attend?

Our Power BI Courses are suitable for Business Analysts and other professionals who want to create visual representations of data and produce user friendly reports and dashboards using data from Excel or databases.

Which course(s) is right for me?

If you have a good knowledge of Power BI and want to advance your skills or you have already taken our 1-day Introductory course, then this is for you.

If you feel that you need to brush up on your Excel skills first, we would recommend filling in our training needs analysis.

How Can Live Online Help You?

The way in which training is delivered has evolved considerably in the last few years. Our Live Online Learning is a practical, personalised and role-centred solution to training your staff remotely. Also available as a scheduled course.

Learners receive online support from highly-experienced trainers, gaining the confidence and specific skills they need, organised within their workloads.

Our accredited (Certified On-line Facilitators) Live-On-Line trainers understand how to deliver effective training in this digital environment and they have designed our virtual courses to be topic driven, so that learners get the maximum learning experience in the shortest period of time.