Course: Assessing Housing Benefit Self-Employed Claims

Learn how to deal with self-employed claims accurately and with confidence.

This course covers all the regulations and case law relating to Housing Benefit self-employed claims.

This 1-day course explains how to use accounting records to establish income and capital and work out notional tax and national insurance.

This course was written by our experts who have over 25 years experience in local authority legislation.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Correctly decide upon the assessment period to be used for a Housing Benefit self-employed claim in accordance with Housing Benefit legislation.
  • Identify allowable and disallowable expenses.
  • Work out pre-tax profit for self-employed claims.
  • Calculate notional income tax, notional class two and notional class four National Insurance contributions for self-employed claims.
  • Calculate the weekly net income of a self-employed childminder for Housing Benefit purposes
  • Describe the process for establishing the weekly net income of a share fisherman for Housing Benefit purposes

Who should take this course?

There are no formal pre-requisites for this Assessing Housing Benefit for Self-Employed Claims course, but some experience of Housing Benefit would help you make the most out of the content.

Course prices

  • Classroom
  • £995
    per 1-day course at your premises, up to 12 delegates (plus VAT)
  • E-learning
  • £95
    per annual licence (plus VAT)

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Assessing Housing Benefit for Self-Employed Claims - Course Content

  • Legal and HMRC definitions of a self-employed earner
  • The duties of a self-employed person
  • Establishing the nature of the business
  • What is not counted as self-employed?
  • Standards of evidence
  • Reasonable requests for evidence
  • Good practice guidance
  • What is an assessment period?
  • What assessment period should you use?
  • Brand new business / established business
  • Certified accounts / summary of income
  • Brand new business / established business
  • Business capital e.g. assets, loans, grants and allowances (including BSUA, Princes Trust, etc.)
  • What is allowable and not allowable?
  • Reasonable expenses
  • Drawings
  • Employing a spouse or partner
  • Shared expenses
  • Working from home
  • Calculating the pre-tax profit
  • Calculating notional income tax
  • Calculating notional national insurance
  • Calculating pension contributions
  • Self-employed child minders
  • Share fishermen