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Effective complaints training to deal with grievances in a productive and professional way

Some complaints are unavoidable. But with the right complaints training, you can deal with them effectively to maintain a positive impact on your staff, your organisation, and the standard of care you provide.

This Complaints training e-learning course will teach you how to implement effective complaints procedures, and allow grievances to be dealt with properly and professionally.
You will better understand your role in dealing with complaints, successful organisational approaches, and how to turn complaints into positive experiences.
Designed by industry professionals, this online Complaints training offers lots of practical advice to equip you with the knowledge and tools to handle all aspects of complaints – in a confident and professional way.

What will I learn?

By the end of this Complaints training e-learning, you will be able to:

  • Describe why people make complaints
  • Recognise people’s right to complain
  • Explain why complaints can be a positive thing
  • Describe how to listen and respond to complaints correctly
  • State the relevant complaints regulations
  • Outline the complaints and investigation procedures

Who should take this course?

This Complaints online e-learning is suitable for all learners who may be exposed to complaints – from internal disagreements within teams, to frontline customer service professionals.
Applicants must be proficient in written and spoken English. (Contact us to find out about our bespoke multi-lingual courses.)

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Complaints Training Course Content

  • The meaning of ‘complaints’
  • Ways of describing complaints
  • Why people complain
  • The NHS constitution
  • Regulations
  • The importance of listening
  • Improving listening skills
  • Body language
  • The complaint investigation process
  • Risk-based due diligence
  • Record keeping
  • Customer information
  • Suspicious activity
  • DoH ‘Learning from Complaints’ manual