Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service training is ideal for anyone wanting to deliver exceptional customer service, in a controlled and positive way.

Giving positive customer service while exposed to emotionally charged or demanding situations can be challenging. Even for experienced customer advisors.

This training will help you provide great service effectively and professionally, but without becoming personally involved.

Our popular Customer Service training will lead you through approaches in communication and mentality. Topics include questioning, communication, listening, building rapport, understanding your customers, and recognising your own assumptions. Theory is backed up by practical workshops to reinforce learning.

This is an essential course for any customer service teams looking to strengthen their service and protect their staff.

What will I Learn?

  • To explore and expose our assumptions.
  • To build rapport through questioning and listening.
  • To deal with angry, upset or difficult customers.
  • To protect myself from challenging or upsetting situations.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the service you offer.

Who should take this course?

This Customer Service training is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to offer exceptional customer care in a safe, positive and self-protective way. No specific previous training or experience is required.

Course Content

  • Agenda, aims and objectives
  • Input from director / senior manager
  • A fun icebreaker, looking at assumptions
  • Customer care principles
  • The importance of customer care
  • Consequences of good or bad customer care
  • Expectations of customer care
  • Your experiences
  • Barriers
  • Preparing for work
  • Attitude, appearance and conduct
  • What ‘going the extra mile’ means
  • Building rapport
  • Reading the customer
  • Voice matching game
  • Listening skills
  • Quality questioning
  • Good questions
  • Question types available to us and an exercise
  • Putting it all into practice exercise
  • Recognising poor service
  • Showing you understand
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Stating your view
  • Keeping customers informed
  • Quiz - Customer Services Charter
  • How customers behave
  • Reasons for this behaviour
  • How this makes us feel
  • Best ways to handle this behaviour
  • Saying no positively
  • Who are internal customers?
  • How to apply standards to them
  • Opening productive lines of communication
  • Encouraging employees to talk to each other
  • Developing faith in high standards
  • Activity – applying learned techniques to their own role
  • ‘Start, Stop and Continue’ exercise
  • Linking everything back to the customers’ values
  • Summary
  • Questions
  • Feedback