Deprivation of assets and property

Deprivation of Assets and Property (for Financial Assessment Teams): Seminar

Locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester

Deprivation of Assets and Property (for Financial Assessment Teams):

The Challenge

Many people dispose of capital assets before or during a period receiving adult social care. Should those assets still be included in an assessment? When is it reasonable to give your money away or put it in trust? How do you decide if an act is deliberate or not? If a relative moves into the cared for person’s property as they go into residential care, should the property be disregarded? Approaching these difficult areas with consistency is essential to making fair and accurate decisions in a financial assessment.


Our one-day workshop is designed to give your staff the essential skills to make the best decisions and to share best practice with other local authorities.

The Agenda:

  • What is deliberate, what is reasonable?
  • Trusts, bonds, caravans and other tricky forms of capital
  • When to disregard property (and when is a relative really living there)?
  • Lessons from the Ombudsman

Who should attend?

These workshops are ideal for financial assessment officers, support workers, debt advisors, welfare advisers, care providers, social workers and anyone who wants to understand how the financial assessments system for social care works.


The cost of the workshop is £275 per person plus VAT.

Don't miss out! We only have a limited number of places available.

Seminar date and locations:

9th June 2020  | London

10th June 2020  | Birmingham

11th June 2020  | Manchester

If you would like to request another location, please email [email protected]

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