Course: Effective Business Rates Recovery and Enforcement

Explore the practicalities and legal process of Business Rates recovery.

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Effective Business Rates Recovery and enforcement

Course Overview

Learn the methods, powers and services that are available to help you perform business rates recovery quickly, effectively and fairly.

Business rates recovery already plays an important role in local government finance. But this role is set to grow significantly, as business rates is devolved and local authorities retain 100% of the rates collected to fund local services.

Get one step ahead with our effective business rates recovery and enforcement training. The course examines the practicalities and legal processes of collection and enforcement and how enforcement agents can best exercise their powers on behalf of the local authority.

What will I learn?

By the end of this Business Rates Recovery and Enforcement training course, you will be able to:

  • Follow the essential procedures and processes throughout the business rates recovery, collection and enforcement process.
  • Understand the financial importance of fast and accurate collection and recovery of business rates debt.
  • Explain why it is necessary to observe the statutory installments facilities.
  • Explain how non-statutory pay arrangements can be used judiciously to expedite settlement of debts.
  • Outline the different methods of collection and payment
  • Apply the correct procedures leading up to the appearance at the Magistrates Court and the pitfalls that can hinder the process.
  • Explain the insolvency process, and how insolvency of debtors can hinder or even negate collection of business rates debt.

Who's it for?

We would suggest that you have some experience of Business Rates legislation before taking this Business Rates Recovery and Enforcement training course. The training is typically aimed at:

  • Debt recovery and enforcement officers
  • Business rates supervisors and court officers
  • Revenues and Business Rates officers
  • Team leaders and managers

How it's delivered: 

This course is delivered ‘live on-line’ with a trainer and can be accessed via a PC, Mac or Tablet. With live online, you can interact, ask questions and practice new skills – all without leaving your desk! Perfect for dispersed teams working from home.  


This course is available on demand. Please get in touch for a quote if you would like to book this live online course for your organisation only.

Course Content

  • Getting the preliminaries right
  • Importance of correct procedure
  • 10/12 monthly installment schemes
  • Payment methods
  • E-billing and collection
  • Procedures leading to action in Magistrates Court
  • Pitfalls along the way
  • Avoiding errors and mistakes
  • Anticipating challenges
  • Non-statutory arrangements
  • Identifying ratepayers ‘playing the system’
  • Monitoring payments
  • Insolvency – is it advantageous?
  • Personal insolvency
  • Corporate insolvency – the in's and out's
  • Effectiveness as an enforcement tool
  • Enforcement agents
  • Control of goods
  • Employing enforcement agents
  • Codes of practice – monitoring conformance
  • Codes of conduct
  • Breach of codes and conduct
  • Other actions to recover/enforce debts