statutory mandatory training

Healthcare Statutory and Mandatory Training

Cost-effective and tailored e-learning saves you money and helps your training compliance to CQC.

Our off-the-shelf healthcare e-learning will lower your statutory and mandatory training costs, by reducing or replacing your face-to-face training.

Written in collaboration with NHS subject matter experts (SMEs), our extensive e-learning library covers key statutory and mandatory training topics such as Infection Protection and Control, Fire Safety and Information Governance.

Accessible across devices

Our e-learning works on all browsers and devices. Your staff will be able to access our full learning package from anywhere, at any time.

Learn, track and report with confidence

All our statutory and mandatory training e-learning modules include knowledge review checkpoints throughout, as well as endpoint assessments. These assessments ensure learners have understood the material, track completion rates, and prove compliance when reporting (using either your own LMS, or our recently-developed Cortex LMS).

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Benefits of E-learning for Statutory and Mandatory Training

Face-to-face learning can be expensive as part of staff induction or statutory and mandatory training. E-learning removes the need for costly resources like trainers and venues.

One day of mandatory training can usually be condensed into one hour of e-learning – meaning your staff spend less time away from their post.

Automated reporting via an LMS will show you which users have completed their learning, so you can easily chase-up any outstanding training.

Because staff don’t need to physically attend training, missed sessions are a thing of the past as their e-learning can be completed at a time that is convenient for them.

E-learning is proven to produce higher completion rates than face-to-face training. With our e-learning and LMS, one trust improved their compliance rating from under 50% to over 90% within just one year!

Easily share your staff’s training record during CQC inspections, showing all the e-learning that they have completed to meet their compliance requirements.

Working with your own SME, each of our modules can be customised to include localised information relevant to your organisation, including embedding your policy and branding. Our experienced developers can adapt each course to ensure your staff only sees content that is relevant to them.

"May I thank you for the unfussy, unflusterable, cooperative and effective way that you have supported this process." Project Manager, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
“The e-learning modules are professional and the LMS system has been invaluable over the last month, providing us with on the day/hourly results of the mandatory questionnaires and Induction training our new starters needed to complete. You have been brilliant throughout the setting up process and very attentive; always happy to help and provide advice.” Medical Education Centre Secretary, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
“escalla provides user-friendly modules to ensure a good knowledge base and full understanding of the mandatory requirements.” Learning and Development Manager, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability