Dealing with challenging customer conversations: Workshop

Locations available: London | Birmingham | Manchester

Dealing with challenging customer conversations

The challenge:

We live in unprecedented times! Budget cuts, welfare reforms and a rapid increase in service-demand has created the perfect storm.

Every day, council, social housing and advisory staff are expected to deal with increasing numbers of distressed, anxious and vulnerable clients – leading to more challenging conversations. Left unchecked, this will invariably take its toll on staff, customers and your service.

Whether you or your team need effective communication skills to negotiate debt repayment plans, deal with clients in housing crisis, explain complex financial assessment decisions, or provide first-class customer service across the council, the way your staff communicate is key to the success and health of your teams.


In our one-day workshop, we'll take an in depth look at how to deal effectively with challenging customer conversations including how to resolve conflict, deal with vulnerability and improve self-resilience.

The Agenda:

  • The power of effective communication in the modern council.
  • Communicating to customers, with targets in mind.
  • How to offer empathetic service, without becoming personally affected.
  • Communicating with vulnerable and depressed customers.
  • How stress manifests and how to reduce it.
  • Practical adaptive tool and techniques.

Who should attend?

These workshops are ideal for anyone whose role brings them into contact with vulnerable people or challenging conversations. For example, Local Authority Customer Service Officers, Social Housing Rent and Collection officers, Financial Assessment staff, managers etc.


The cost of the seminar is £250 per person plus VAT. Buy three places and get a fourth place free!

Don't miss out! We only have a limited number of places available on each event. 

Workshop dates and locations:

3rd June 2020 | London

2nd June 2020 | Birmingham

4th June 2020 | Manchester

If you would like to request another location, please email

This workshop is also available as a 1-day in house course

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