Revenues and Welfare Benefits Apprenticeship


Webinar 1: Introducing the New Standard

Welcome to the first of a two-part webinar series, discussing the Revenues and Welfare Benefits Apprenticeship. 

Through this recorded series, we cover everything you need to know to plan and implement this exciting new apprenticeship standard within your organisation.

GUEST SPEAKER:Julie Maycock, Cambridge City Council, lead-officer from the employer-led trailblazer group.

In this webinar, Julie Maycock and Neil Albert introduce the new Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner apprenticeship standard. They discuss and present facts about what is involved for employers and apprentices, how the apprenticeship will be delivered and how it will be assessed.

Topics covered

  • Why and how was this revenues and benefits apprenticeship developed?
  • How will the apprenticeship be assessed?
  • What does the apprenticeship journey look like?
  • How will the apprenticeship be delivered?
  • How have apprenticeships changed?

Expert Guest Speakers:

More about the Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship

The level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship is the only standard of its kind. Developed through an employer-led trailblazer, it provides apprentices with an industry-specific level 4 qualification – incorporating key skills around council tax, business rates, benefits and debt recovery. 

Levy-funded, this revenues and benefits apprenticeship is ideal for both new trainees, as well as existing staff looking to develop their skills. 

By completing this apprenticeship, practitioners will gain the key skills to improve their services today, as well as prepare for changes in the future. 

Why Partner with escalla

escalla is one of the leading training and apprenticeship providers for revenues and benefits apprenticeships, and local government training in the UK.

  • Over 25 years delivering local government training and apprenticeships.
  • RoATP approved training provider
  • Ofsted Grade 2 Good rated
  • Delivered the national framework in Local Taxation and Benefits.
  • Helped countless local authorities keep up to date with specialist revenues and benefits legislation – through our range of training, recruitment and digital services.

Benefits for employers:

  • Drive up standards by training new recruits or existing staff.
  • Training fees paid through your levy account, not your service budget.
  • Invest in your staff with a valuable level 4 apprenticeship qualification.
  • Specialist revenues and benefits training – formed through a trailblazer.