Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship

The Level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship is here!

Developed through an apprenticeship trailblazer, it's the only UK apprenticeship designed specifically for Revenues and Benefits services.


The level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship is the only UK apprenticeship designed specifically for a career in revenues and benefits services.

Developed through an apprenticeship trailblazer, it offers relevant and highly-useful skills across core areas of council tax, business rates, benefits and debt recovery.

Levy-funded, this revenues and benefits apprenticeship is ideal for both new trainees, as well as existing staff looking to develop their skills.

By completing this apprenticeship, practitioners will gain the key skills to improve their services today, as well as prepare for changes in the future.

escalla deliver this apprenticeship to local authorities across England. Contact us to find out more!


  • Drive up standards by training new recruits or existing staff.

  • Training fees paid through your levy account, not your service budget.

  • Invest in your staff with a valuable level 4 apprenticeship qualification.

  • Specialist revenues and benefits training – formed through a trailblazer.

School leaver awards 2019


escalla is one of the leading training and apprenticeship providers for the revenues and benefits apprenticeship, and local government training in the UK. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Over 25 years of experience delivering local government training and apprenticeships.

  • RoATP approved training provider with the Skills Funding Agency*.

  • Ofsted Grade 2 Good rated, including Outstanding for ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’*.

  • National School Leaver Awards 2019: 'Best Learning Experience' winner; 'Best Provider' runner-up; 5-category finalists.

  • Delivered the national framework in Local Taxation and Benefits.

  • Helped countless local authorities keep up to date with specialist revenues and benefits legislation – through our range of training, recruitment and digital services.

*registered as Training Synergy


Sign up to this revenue and benefits apprenticeship with escalla and you will also receive:

  1. Unlimited access to LA-Inform for every apprentice. LA Inform is escalla’s leading revenues and benefits legislative compliance system. This includes free access to our full range of Revenues and Benefits e-learning titles.

  2. A contribution of £150 (per learner) towards the first year's membership of a professional body. Or the equivalent sum can be used to fund a relevant course or qualification.

  3. Discounts on our LA-Inform legislative compliance system, and free access to two of our e-learning courses for every local authority employing an apprentice with escalla


Everything you need to know about this apprenticeship...

By completing this level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner apprenticeship, apprentices will achieve industry-recognised qualifications, demonstrating the skills and abilities required for a career in local government.

  • Choose one of three different training pathways for your apprentices, to best meet the needs of your service.

    New Recruit pathway – covering both Revenues and Benefits training
    Revenues Specialist pathway – tailored more towards existing Revenues staff
    Benefits Specialist pathway – tailored more towards existing Benefits staff

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this might include:

  • GCSEs
  • A-levels
  • Level 2 apprenticeship or other relevant qualification
  • Relevant experience – including a knowledge of the fundamentals of networking and can make a local area network (LAN)
  • An aptitude test with a focus on IT skills

Training is delivered over 12 to 18 months. Those on the Revenues and Benefits Apprenticeship will enjoy a blend of classroom sessions and online resources, as well as ongoing individual support from a trainer-assessor.

Training locations vary, depending on the local cohort you belong to. These cohorts are formed of 10 or more learners. If you have fewer than 10 apprentices, we will group them with apprentices from other local authorities in your area.

For the duration of this training, apprentices will develop a range of revenues and/or benefits skills in the workplace. An ongoing portfolio of evidence will demonstrate the abilities learned. Support will also be available from a mentor, who will visit apprentices at work every 5 weeks.

After completing 12 months of training and development, apprentices will submit their portfolio of work experience – along with a reference from their employer. This begins the end point assessment (EPA) stage.
The EPA consists of a week-long project and assessor interview, and will determine the overall grade of the qualification (Pass | Merit | Distinction).

All training fees for the Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship are covered in full by the employer. An apprentice will never be asked or expended to fund their own training.

As a nationally recognised qualification, the Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship can be funded through your levy account.

  • Funding Band 10 (£7000).
  • Apprentices under 19 years of age on the day of signup will receive 100% funding.
  • Companies with less than 50 employees, regardless of the candidate’s age, will receive 90% funding unless the company is an apprenticeship levy payer.
  • Levy payments are accepted towards this infrastructure technician apprenticeship.

Designed from the ground up, this apprenticeship standard has been created to meet the specific challenges facing today’s revenues and benefits departments.

The successful revenues and benefits apprenticeship trailblazer was formed by a group of local authorities, software providers and advice agencies, working together to design a new apprenticeship standard for the industry.

As a result, the Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship is able to produce relevant, well-trained and motivated staff, with the specific skills to succeed in the industry and take their teams forward.

The apprenticeship levy is the new system of compulsory apprenticeship contributions.

It only applies to businesses with a payroll above £3m per year. If you qualify, 0.5% of your wage bill value (minus £15,000) will be charged to an apprenticeship training account. These funds can then be used to train new or existing staff on apprenticeships from approved providers.

After 24 months your paid-in funding will expire, so any unspent levy funds in an apprenticeship account will be lost.

Local authorities can spend their levy funds on apprenticeship training, assessment and certification. Apprenticeships can be funded at the same level or lower than the trainee’s highest qualification – if the individual will gain ‘substantive’ new skills through the apprenticeship.


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