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5 Reasons To Become a Tech Apprentice

5 Reasons to become a Tech Apprentice

Many people think they need a first-class computer science degree to enter the tech industry, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, many well-known tech tycoons have made their millions without sitting through a single university lecture.

The IT Industry is open to everyone, and technology is key to many different careers. From banking to healthcare, you can be sure they will be on the hunt for new tech talent.

There are many routes into technology, but with an apprenticeship you: 

  • Gain industry-led qualifications giving you the skills employers want

  • Get real hands-on work experience

  • Earn while you learn, and avoid student loans

  • Learn transferable skills

  • And lots more!

You can start an apprenticeship from sixteen, so long as you’re not in full time education. There’s no upper age limit. So, it’s ideal for career changers or those returning to employment.

Here are our top five reasons you should consider a tech apprenticeship:

1. The tech industry is skyrocketing, and there’s a shortage of talent! 

The IT job market is booming, and in some parts of the UK, one in every ten jobs advertised is a tech role. There’s no shortage of tech jobs, but there is a shortage of tech talent, and that’s where apprenticeships come in.

So, the world is your oyster once you’re trained and qualified because employers will want your skills!

An apprenticeship gives you the experience as well as the industry-recognised qualifications you’ll need to get ahead.

2. A tech apprenticeship can lead to a well-paid job.

Tech jobs are not only enjoyable, but they pay well too. In the last year tech jobs have risen by 6%, outstripping many other industries.

You’ll earn while you learn as an apprentice and won’t have to pay any training or tuition fees. Your employer and the government will fund these costs, which can be as high as £18,000 for a Software Developer Apprenticeship. Now, compare this to going to university, where tuition fees are around £9,000 per year, and the average student debt on graduation is £45,000!

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, your skills will be in high demand! Look at what you can expect to earn as you progress in your career:

  • Software Engineer - £26k - £68k

  • Project Manager, - £28k - £64k

  • Support Technician, Information Technology (IT) - £15k - £30k

  • Senior Software Engineer - £39k - £86k

  • Network Engineer – 17k - £46k

  • Information Technology (IT) Consultant - £24k - £72k

  • Marketing Manager – £27k to £56k


3. Tech companies value culture and you’ll learn lots of cool stuff!

In tech, you’ll often work with optimistic people with a can-do attitude.

Employees vote tech companies into the Top 50 Best Places to Work every year. Follow the link and have a look at some of the headline reviews! Some of the reasons cited include ‘Great culture’, ‘huge impact on the world’, ‘progression’, ‘skills development’, ‘a good work-life balance’ etc.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll keep on learning. Tech is constantly changing and progressing, and you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in some fantastic work.

Completing an apprenticeship is enjoyable too, especially if you train with escalla. You’ll work independently and as part of a team. As well as learning technical skills, an apprenticeship will give you valuable business and personal effectiveness skills, too - helping you to get ahead.

4. Apprenticeships can lead to a wide range of diverse tech roles.

Which tech role do you fancy? There are lots of different tech apprenticeships available. Look at the sample below, or if you want to find out more, visit the 41 tech job titles.

  • AI Engineers

  • Delivery Managers

  • Software Developers

  • Web Developers

  • UX designers

  • Network Engineers

  • Cloud Engineers

  • Cyber Security Specialists

5. Who knows where a tech apprenticeship will take you!

Your perfect tech job may not even exist today, but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Artificial intelligence is still taking off, along with many other technologies - driverless cars, robotics, big data, AR, VR etc. We’re on the cusp of the next tech revolution, and you could be a part of it. How amazing is that?

Excited? A tech apprenticeship could take you anywhere, from a coding ethicist to a Metaverse world builder! Remember that once you are qualified (and have experience), the world is your oyster!

Ready to become a tech apprentice?

Why not explore some of the apprenticeships and roles available with escalla? Or you could visit the Government Apprenticeship site to explore even more opportunities?

All you have to do is take that all-important first step.