Office 365 Adoption


Office 365 Training and Adoption

We are specialists in business-wide Microsoft Office 365 training.

From video tutorials to classroom courses, our range of learning options has been developed to make Office 365 training simple and effective for your teams.


Why Chose Office 365 Training

Not just a simple update

Office 365 isn’t a simple update. It’s a whole new way of working. Without the right training, most teams will only use a fraction of Office 365 capability – and miss out on its incredible new features and functionality.

Time and money savings

Good training with the right provider will not only get your staff up to speed with the latest applications, but also deliver long-term time and money savings.

Perfect for large or small businesses

We’ve helped both small and large organisations, with very different challenges and expectations. Whether you are a team of ten or a business of 10,000, we can create a programme tailored to your requirements.

Digital Learning Programmes

Microsoft 365 Health Check | Surveil

Office 365 Video Tutorials

Free Office 365 Bootcamp

Phases of Support

We can support you through every stage of your Microsoft Office 365 migration. From effective planning, to glitch-free go live and ongoing support. Our experienced team know what it takes to turn your plans into a seamless reality.

Pre-Go-Live Planning

• Managing the change process

• End-user engagement

• Transition benefit communications

• Migration readiness activities

• Training through catalogue of materials

Go-Live Migration

• Point of need training

• Visible and accessible support

• Floorwalking and deskside support

• Minimised disruption to business as usual

Post-Go-Live Support

• User group collaboration

• Efficiency of application usage

• Embedded knowledge and behaviours

• Leveraging investment

• End-user self sufficiency


Using our Business Change methodologies, we deliver positive and long-term sustainable change for your business.

  • Incorporating ownership and leadership

  • Changing behaviours

  • Standardising methods

  • Reinforcement and reliability



Live Online brings you the classroom experience from the comfort of your home or desk.

These fully interactive training sessions with an online instructor are the perfect way to access ‘face to face’ learning, while saving on travel costs, time out-of-office and logistical challenges.

Live Online is perfect for users who want an immersive learning experience. Sessions last up to an hour and can stack-up to offer comprehensive in-depth training.

Benefits of Live Online:

• Hands-on, interactive learning

• Two-way text or voice chat

• Practice your new skills in real-time

• Learn in your home or office

• Matches the standard of our classroom courses

• Ask questions and discuss topics in real time

• Save on travel expenses

• Flexible and accessible

• Friendly and helpful expert trainers


If you prefer classroom-based Microsoft Office 365 training, you can schedule a session from one of our expert trainers. Visit our comfortable training rooms or benefit from on-site training at your premises – as part of a standalone or blended training solution.

Benefits of Classroom Training:

• Hands-on learning

• Often useful for ‘mission critical’, high-value knowledge and skills

• Incorporating individual labs to practice your new skills in real time

• Ask questions and discuss topics in person

• Friendly and helpful expert trainers


Longer and more detailed than Minis videos, but still sharply focused, escalla Essentials videos walk you through an Office 365 training topic in under six minutes.

This bitesize learning approach is an ideal way to consistently train groups of users on new Office features, processes and applications.

Essentials can be individually taken or form part of a role specific learning path – for both generic and bespoke migrations.

Benefits of Essentials:

• One video covers one learning topic

• Fast and targeted learning

• Flexible and convenient

• Concise and informative

• Reduce the time away from other tasks

• Watch at a time that suits you

• Highly engaging


Minis video tutorials give you instant help with specific Office 365 tasks. Running between 1-2 minutes, our library of 150 concise training walkthroughs gives users convenient point-of-need support across the suite of Office 365 applications.

Benefits of Minis:

• Bitesize videos covering a specific task

• Fast and targeted learning

• Ideal for point-of-need support

• Flexible and convenient

• Concise and informative

• Offers immediate information

• Watch at a time that suits you



QRGs are our useful desktop ‘how to’ guides.

These concise information guides are designed to get straight to the point and deliver step-by-step instructions for specific Office 365 applications and tasks. QRGS are perfect to use before migration, at the point of migration or as a refresher post-migration.

The ultimate deskside learning aid, QRGs are perfect for largescale change within organisations, where specific tasks are repeatedly carried out.

Benefits of QRGs:

• One QRG covers a common learning topic

• Fast and targeted learning

• Ideal for large software programs

• Flexible and convenient

• Reduce the time away from other tasks

• Use either as upfront learning or refresher tool

Tiers of Training

Choose from our tiered models of Office 365 training and support. All our tiers include high-quality resources to help your teams learn effectively, and your business maximise its investment.

Tier 1: Digital Fundamentals

• Learning Portal to access training content

• Option to use Microsoft Stream

• Self-service catalogue of content

• Role specific learning paths

• Over 90 Minis video tutorials

• User reporting

Tier 2: Digital Adoption

• Branded Learning Portal

• Option to use Microsoft Stream

• Training Needs Analysis

• Role specific learning paths

• Essentials video tutorials

• Quick Reference Guides

• Live Online instructor-led training

• Bespoke migration readiness and point-of-migration training

• Account manager and reporting

Tier 3: Business Leveraged

• Branded Learning Portal (ADFS/SSO)

• Option to use Microsoft Stream

• Training Needs Analysis

• Role specific learning paths

• Essentials video tutorials

• Quick Reference Guides

• Delegate scheduling

• Live Online instructor-led training

• Bespoke migration readiness and point-of-migration training

• Floorwalking and training helpdesk

• Additional training to leverage new functionality

• Account Team with bespoke and readiness reporting

Why Chose escalla

End-user engagement

Positive user-experience is the key to successful digital workplace transformation. Through targeted training, communication, expert planning and analysis, we prioritise end-user engagement and productivity.


‘Time to value’ means speeding-up successful system adoption. We achieve this through highly-qualified trainers, effective Office 365 training material, and tried-and-tested implementation techniques.

Global reach

We deliver digital workplace transformation and migration-support programmes around the world. All our Office 365 training material can be tailored to regional and cultural requirements, including our multi-lingual translation services.

Multi-stage support

Our multi-stage planning, go-live and ongoing support is what sets us apart from our competitors. It's proven to accelerate success, reduce downtime, and increase end-user confidence and productivity, during our Office 365 training projects.

Work with escalla

escalla has a long history of successful Office 365 training and migration programmes. Our experience also includes widescale business IT training for corporate, healthcare and governmental organisations across the world. Alongside our quality of training and customer-focused service, here are few reasons clients choose escalla.

To find out more about how escalla can support your Office 365 training programmes, please get in touch!