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Experts in healthcare training in the UK and globally

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Classroom Training

Learn with one of our expert trainers

Our classroom training courses bring you face-to-face with an industry expert.
Visit our comfortable training rooms, or benefit from on-site training at your
premises – as part of a standalone or blended training solution.

escalla Essentials Videos

escalla Essentials are 3 to 6-minute ‘how to’ videos,
designed to make learning quick and fun.

Sharply focused, Essentials add a ‘bite-sized’ learning approach to your digital transformation projects.

Quick Reference Guides

For time-focused or refresher learning,
quick reference guides are the perfect tool.


Delivering skills. Supporting change. Enabling success.

With the right skills, tools and culture, your business has everything it needs to succeed.

For over 25 years, escalla has been helping businesses become better. We give people new skills, help teams work smarter, facilitate digital transformation, and enable new capabilities and cultures.

Through our award-winning work – from apprenticeships to international healthcare programmes – we are working to change lives, drive success, and support our partners in today’s changing world.


Healthcare skills and systems training for both domestic and international health providers.


Run highly efficient, expert services with our specialist local government training and recruitment.


Meet the expectations of today’s world, with our digital transformation training and consultancy.


Our national local government apprenticeships, and IT and marketing apprenticeships in the North West.

Latest Press Release:
escalla Supporting Healthcare Reform in Egypt

Latest Case Study:
Helping Elmbridge Council Get More From Office 365


Everyone learns differently. So it is important to choose the right learning for your teams and projects. Our training experts have developed a range of engaging platforms, designed to deliver the most effective learning for all projects and requirements.






Successful digital transformation and workplace programmes rely on the right types of support at the right times. To achieve positive and sustainable results, escalla offers a range of targeted services during planning, go-live and support phases.

Initial Planning 

• Help to manage the change process 
• Tailored end-user engagement 
• Communicating transition benefits to staff
• Assessing migration readiness
• Training building blocks of information

Go-Live Migration 

• Point-of-need training 
• Visible and accessible support 
• Floorwalking and deskside support 
• Minimise disruption to 'business as usual' 

Post-Go-Live Support 

• Promoting user-group collaboration 
• Monitoring efficiency of application usage 
• Embedding behavioural change 
• Leveraging investments 
• Facilitating end-user self sufficiency 


We have been successfully delivering training and recruitment services for over 25 years. Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose escalla.

End-user engagement

End-user engagement means positive staff and customer experiences. For us, it's the measure of successful digital workplace transformation. Our targeted training, and expert communication strategy and analysis keeps end-users happy, productive and engaged.


To help your organisation realise the value of your investments faster, escalla optimise time-to-value. We help you adopt new systems or technology quickly by using the best trainers, high-quality learning material, and tried-and-tested implementation techniques.

Global reach

escalla operates on a global scale. Our depth of knowledge and resources associated with translation services, cultural sensitivity and delivery logistics have led to multiple effective digital transformation programmes around the world.



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