Live Online

Enjoy the classroom experience from
the comfort of your home or desk.

These fully interactive, expert-led sessions are the perfect way to learn –
while saving on travel costs, time out of office, and logistical challenges.

Take A Course

Classroom Training

Learn with one of our expert trainers

Our classroom training courses bring you face-to-face with an industry expert.
Visit our comfortable training rooms, or benefit from on-site training at your
premises – as part of a standalone or blended training solution.

escalla Essentials Videos

escalla Essentials are 3 to 6-minute ‘how to’ videos,
designed to make learning quick and fun.

Sharply focused, and covering a huge range of topics, they have been designed for users
on the go; or for those who prefer the ‘bite-sized’ learning approach.

Quick Reference Guides

For time-focused or refresher learning,
quick reference guides are the perfect tool.


Training and support materials in any language

Using our global network of trainers, content translators and local language experts,
we can accurately produce our catalogue of learning and support materials for
audiences around the world.

Change Management

Deliver positive, sustainable change

Using our Structured Business Change approach – incorporating ownership and
leadership; behaviours; standardising methods; and reinforcement and reliability –
we can deliver positive, long-term sustainable change for your business.


Empowering people to help you realise the value of your investments, faster.

escalla supports digital transformation and systems migration around the globe.

From initial planning to fully-live and beyond, our end-to-end service is driven by our desire to keep organisations and users performing at their best.

With over 25 years of learning and technology expertise, escalla are ready to deliver your digital transformation goals.

End-user engagement

The success of any digital transformation project ultimately rests on the experience of your staff and customers. Through targeted training, two-way communication, and expert planning and analysis, we keep end-users happy, productive and engaged.


To accelerate time-to-value - helping organisations adopt new systems or technology more quickly - we utilize highly qualified and available trainers, effective learning material, and tried-and-tested implementation techniques.

Global reach

We operate on a global scale. With our depth of knowledge and resources, we have delivered effective transformation programmes around the world - for clients operating across multiple sites, regions, cultures and languages.

End-to-end support

Pre-Go-Live Planning 

• Managing the change process 
• End-user engagement 
• Transition benefit communications
• Migration readiness activities  
• Training building blocks of information

Go-Live Migration 

• Point-of-need training 
• Visible and accessible support 
• Floorwalking and deskside support 
• Minimise disruption to business as usual 

Post-Go-Live Support 

• User group collaboration 
• Efficiency of application usage 
• Embedded behaviour change 
• Leveraging investment 
• End-user self sufficiency 

Our learning platforms

Build your project around training platforms that work for you.

Developed by learning technology experts, each of our training options has been designed to perfectly meet the requirements of large, multi-stage projects. Our services can be tailored to your specific training needs – resulting in a flexible and highly efficient learning process.

Our Models of Support

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