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FastTrack Recruitment

For your Organisation

FastTrack Recruitment Programme for your Organisation

Are you finding it difficult to recruit and train new talent?  

Do you need to recruit and train staff to fill your vacancies but don’t have the time to go through a lengthy recruitment campaign?  

FastTrack is a blend of recruitment and training that helps you to attract, select and train local candidates with the potential to succeed.  

FastTrack gives you a real alternative to recruiting agency staff or relying on off-site processing. 

How FastTrack Works

FastTrack is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of finding and training talented teams of employees.  

It starts by engaging with the local community, to attract as wide a breadth of candidates as possible. From these candidates, the programme then drills down to find people with relevant transferable skills and the aptitude to learn.  

Over the next six weeks, suitable candidates are given the platform to show what they can do and prove their capabilities and suitability for the role. Meaning you can be confident you are hiring the right people for the job. Our intensive pre-employment training then ensures they are ‘work ready’ and productive from day one. 

At the end of the FastTrack programme, you can choose to recruit successful candidates: 

  • straight to a permanent or fixed-term contract with your council. Or, 
  • on a temporary contract through escalla

The Training Programme

The programme involves 2 days of essential  training, followed by a review and assessment. There is also an option of a further 4  workshops, once the successful candidates are in post. 

A Step-by-step Guide of a typical programme:

FastTrack process

1) Advertising: 

escalla will create the job adverts and deliver a marketing campaign to attract the right candidates.

2) CV Sifting: 

escalla reviews the CVs against agreed criteria. Successful applicants are invited to an online interview.

3) Pre-assessment screening:

escalla completes a series of online pre-assessment screening sessions.

4) Virtual Assessment

escalla manages a mix of of assessments, including aptitude, numeracy, literacy tests, and optional group activities. 

5) Virtual Interviews

Successful applicants are invited to an online interview with escalla.

6) Virtual Learning and Testing: 

Successful candidates are invited to an online training programme with escalla.  All candidates are required to pass a test paper at the end of the course.

7) Eligibilty Checks: 

escalla complete checks to ensure that all candidates are permitted to work in the UK. 

8) Referencing:

escalla complete a stringent referencing exercise for each successful candidate according to the client’s referencing policy. 

9) DBS Checks (optional): 

All successful candidates undertake a DBS check if required. 

10) Psychometric Testing (optional): 

Successful candidates can undertake an online psychometric test. The results are collated and shared. 

11) Final Interviews: 

The successful candidates attend a final interview with the hiring authority. Successful candidates are then offered roles.

Each stage of the shortlisting process is delivered online, with the exception of the final interview which can be either online or face-to-face. Candidates can book themselves onto each stage of the process through our online booking service.  


Benefits of FastTrack Recruitment

Fill vital roles at a fraction of the market rate

Replace expensive agency staff and/or off-site processing costs

Attract motivated and productive staff

Free up managers from lengthy recruitment exercises

Reduce staff turnover

More efficient and inclusive than traditional recruitment methods

Help boost your local workforce

Tried and tested to meet recruitment requirements

Testimony and case studies

FastTrack is proven to work time and time again, but don't just take our word for it. Read the case studies below:

ealing council

"escalla did an excellent job recruiting and training seven new debt recovery officers for us. It was very uplifting to see such a strong and dedicated group of candidates who had clearly prepared for their assessments and interviews. FastTrack is a definite winner and has enabled Ealing to successfully appoint a high standard of staff to take the Council’s collection service forward."

Patrick Hall, Corporate collections and housing benefit overpayments manager, LB of Ealing 


FastTrack Recruitment Programme Brent Council

"escalla’s approach was both refreshing and highly professional. They have provided us with high calibre candidates with excellent skills and who have proved dedicated and very quick to learn. Perhaps most importantly, escalla’s FastTrack recruitment process has enabled us to attract and select from a large group of applicants, in many cases people whom we might not necessarily have attracted or identified through traditional methods." 

David Oates, Head of Service, Brent Council


bedfordshire council

"We were finding it difficult to recruit experienced staff using traditional methods. FastTrack has proven that another way is possible by delivering high-quality staff both quickly and cost-effectively."

Gary Muskett, Head of Revenues and Benefits, Central Bedfordshire Council