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Bespoke, large scale training solutions for the public safety sector


Today’s powerful, big-investment digital enterprise solutions enable profound business transformation. However, these powerful tools can’t deliver results until your workforce integrates them into their everyday work routines efficiently and effectively. And, if they’re not delivering results, they’re not delivering value. 

The process of new technology adoption requires use and acceptance by each individual end-user. When major change occurs, it is often accompanied by steep learning curves, team reluctance to embrace the changes, and a lack of effective adoption and training strategies. For Public Safety systems, the potential risk if not used correctly ultimately puts lives at risk. That’s where we come in. escalla helps you overcome these challenges with our robust and proven end-user training solutions, specifically for both UK and international Police Forces and the wider public safety industry.   


From large-scale bespoke projects to the management and maintenance of specialist training facilities, escalla is committed to developing and delivering training solutions which meet the specific and complex needs of our Emergency Services customers.  

With over 25 years of experience in delivering training to the public sector, we are proud to be designing and delivering bespoke end-user training to some of the largest public safety teams in the UK. With the growing drive for digital transformation in the public sector, we deliver solutions that revolutionise how software is utilised and how essential data is monitored. Through exceptional blended models of training, colleagues develop knowledge and skills that enable them to adapt to newly implemented platforms with ease.  

Our Training

Adopting a new public safety platform is not without its challenges. To guarantee the success of such a transformation; efficient, comprehensive training is key. We take a blended approach, using a mixture of face-to-face classroom-based learning, complemented by online, virtual classroom learning to ensure a wider reach.  

Our competencies mean that we can train your public safety platform of choice, building a schedule and framework that works for your force and your people.


In August 2023, a large UK Police Force asked escalla to deliver a tutor led training solution to over 35,000 staff, to ensure officers and users of the system had full confidence in its operation.  

The challenge was to deliver the training in under 4 months, with only 8 weeks from project sign-off to the start of delivery. The staff being trained deliver a 24/7 service vital to the security of London and the UK so scheduling and delivery uptime had to be 100% throughout the programme. The project had to engage an audience who had concerns about the system and scale of change.

Why choose escalla?

Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to provide a training programme that will minimise abstraction, encourage confidence and ultimately foster results. When you choose escalla, you're selecting a partner that:

Is trusted, reliable and collaborates with institutions at the forefront of the public sector (Police Forces, NHS England, Local Authorities).

Has a network of quality Trainers and resources: Our seasoned trainers excel in face-to-face interactions, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

Maintains a personal and friendly approach to ensure a successful partnership.

The importance of face-to-face training in Digital Transformation projects

  • Personalised interaction between trainers and delegates, facilitating a more customised learning experience. Our trainers can address individual queries, adapt to different learning styles, and provide immediate feedback. 

  • Complex Topics Clarification: Digital transformation often involves complex concepts. Face-to-face training enables in-depth discussions, clarifications, and the opportunity for delegates to ask questions in real-time, aiding in better understanding. 

  • Immediate Application: Delegates can practice what they've learned in a supervised environment immediately, which accelerates the application and implementation of new platforms.  

  • Cultural and Change Management: Understanding and managing organisational culture during digital transformation is pivotal. Face-to-face training helps in navigating change


Our Training Venues:

Our vast network of venues and trainers means we can facilitate your programme, what ever the scale. 

St.James's Park

ExCeL London

Tower Hill



Contact us today to explore how our training can elevate your team's proficiency and effectiveness in utilising public safety software. Together, let's build a safer, more empowered future.