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Live Online Courses & Seminars

Need to up-skill quickly? Choose from our wide range of live online training courses for organisations and individuals. All courses and seminars are delivered virtually by a trainer in real time - providing a fully interactive and immersive learning experience.  Please select one of the learning categories below to get started.


Choose from our popular suite of Microsoft Office courses - suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.


View our wide range of business skills training for organisations and individuals.


View our specialist range of benefits, council tax, financial assessments and housing courses.


View our live online Wellbeing courses to learn how to support yourself and those around you.

Try our bite-sized course modules - optimised for learning! 

All our courses are broken down into succinct, punchy and manageable 90 minute chunks. It's a fact that 90 minute, intensive and focused modules & courses take full advantage of our optimum period of concentration, allowing learning to be rapidly absorbed and stick!

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What is live Online learning?

You can interact, ask questions and practice new skills — all without leaving your desk! Perfect, for dispersed teams working from home or remotely. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where a friendly trainer will guide you and your class though one of our many learning topics.

These interactive sessions give you shared controls with your instructor, letting you practice what you’ve learnt. Continual two-way text and voice chat is also available if you want to discuss a topic, need help, or want to ask any questions throughout your session.

E-Learning vs Live online learning