Developing Leadership Skills

Bespoke leadership development programmes that transform people and organisations

Develop your leaders. Transform your organisation!

We build customised leadership development and skills programmes that get your organisation moving. We change how your leaders lead and equip your emerging talent with the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural skills to confidently transform organisations, in a complex and unpredictable world.  

Our leadership programmes are focused on your goals and vision and can be delivered both online and, in the classroom, and be delivered to a global audience, in different time zones and languages.   

The demands on today’s leaders

Economic uncertainty, hybrid working, dramatic shifts in behaviour and disruptive technologies are all contributing to the level of complexity and uncertainty. The world is changing, and we must prepare our future leaders to succeed! 

Leaders must be able to both run an organisation and to transform it. They must lead horizontally as well as vertically and must be able to influence and engage with all stakeholders at a strategic level.


We design professional leadership programmes for you - with you


Leadership development is not just about increasing knowledge. It's about changing behaviour, mindset and culture. We work with you using our 5-step method to create bespoke learning programmes that achieve your goals and vision. 

Using evidence based training, we continuously measure data, feedback and performance to ensure that your training remains focused on the outcomes you need.


Programme for Health Assurance and Purchasing (PHAP) – Improving core capabilities

case study

Working with PHAP and KPMG, we designed and delivered an intensive leadership bootcamp focusing on building the fundamental strategic capabilities among middle manager within PHAP.  

The learning focused on the following six key capabilities: 

  • Planning and contracting for healthcare 
  • Performance management and improvement 
  • Project management and data analysis 
  • Meeting management and transformation skills 
  • Managing difficult conversations and negotiation skills 
  • Onboarding and agile methodology.

The training was delivered virtually during the pandemic in a different time zone and in Arabic.

Adaa Healthcare Project – Assessing and building core competences

case study

Partnering with PWC, we designed and delivered an evidence based leadership bootcamp to boost the deliverables of the ambitious Ada’a Health Programme. 

The programme consisted of a series of workshops, and included pre and post programme assessments to determine competency levels and uplift.   

All delegates were assessed on 6 key competences and streamed accordingly so that the relevant learning interventions could be provided to bring them up to the level required.

The competencies included: 

  • Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Accountability 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Data analytics 
  • Engagement 
  • Project Management.