Who are escalla?

We help individuals and organisations address the most pressing challenges facing the modern workplace. Our programmes, courses, and apprenticeships are designed to help you future-proof your organisation by focusing on critical areas such as mental health and well-being, skills for frontline workers, leadership development, new talent and digital skills.


Our goal is to help advance careers, transform lives, and build a skilled and inclusive workforce that's fit for the future. We help your teams improve their effectiveness, boost performance, and achieve meaningful results. We believe that by investing in the right skills and knowledge, we can create a more resilient, adaptable, and successful workforce for the future.

Supporting you through change

Our job is to provide answers to your current and future workplace challenges.

Using our 25 years of training expertise – spanning national and international healthcare, local government, and corporate industries – we facilitate change, enable digital transformation, and deliver skills.

From effective planning to ongoing support, we can help you through every step; breathing skills and confidence into your workforce, and maximising return on your technology investments.


Our Story

escalla formed in 2014, after a merger between Premier IT – an industry-renowned IT and e-learning company – and Training Synergy – a training and recruitment specialist.

As a result, escalla calls on over 25 years of experience from a range of training and technology projects across the globe. From small start-ups to major corporations.

In that time, we’ve developed expertise covering a complete range of learning services – including face-to-face and online courses, LMS hosting and training materials, bespoke systems integration, apprenticeships, and digital transformation and leadership consultancy.

escalla's experience and resources mean that we can offer a truly tailored service, to help your systems go further and staff perform better.

Our Values

Whether we are supporting young people succeed in their apprenticeship, delivering patient safety programmes or delivering courses to help staff administer welfare, we are committed to doing the right thing

Embrace Change

Change is at the heart of our business. We continuously look to the future, innovate, and improve the way we do things. We champion change and help organisations to do the same!

Do the Right Thing

We are honest, ethical, and fair. People trust escalla and count on us to do the right thing. We care about people and provide unparalleled development opportunities and heroic support to all our learners and our teams.

Champion Diversity

We know that it takes people with different ideas, strengths and cultural backgrounds to achieve success. That’s why we are passionate about promoting inclusivity in everything we do, including our learning and apprenticeship programmes.

Foster Empathy

Our commitment to fostering empathy and compassion
extends beyond our organisation and into the world,
as we work to create a more understanding and supportive
society through our training programs and beyond.

Build Social Value

Our ambition is to work sustainably, balancing pro
bono work with commercial programmes.
Ultimately, we want to make the world a better place
for our employees, partners, clients and
the community in which we live.

Our work

escalla deliver training, change management and consultancy services across the globe.


Our Feedback

Join our learners, our businesses, our team

escalla is an award winning apprenticeship training provider with over 25 years of experience delivering training. As one of the best apprenticeship providers in the country for IT and digital marketing qualifications, we can help you find the perfect apprentices to add value to your business. We believe in success through skills, igniting careers, investing in people and building the foundations for extraordinary futures.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Need to up-skill quickly? Choose from our wide range of live online training courses for organisations and individuals. All courses and seminars are delivered virtually by a trainer in real time - providing a fully interactive and immersive learning experience. Our courses range from Microsoft 365 and business skills, to legislation and mental health and wellbeing.

learning programmes


For our bespoke learning programmes, we work with you to produce a programme and course content that meets the needs of your organisation.

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