FREE WEBINAR: How organisations (and not just IT!) must come together to beat the cyber threat in 2020

FREE WEBINAR: How your organisation (and not just IT) must come together to beat the cyber threat in 2020! 



Expert panel: Cevn Vibert, Mike Neuman and Amanda Fletcher.

About this webinar

Research shows that more than half of UK organisations reported a cyber attack in 2019, yet more than three-quarters of businesses still feel under-prepared to deal with such an incident.

Worryingly, most people think of cyber security as an IT issue, but statistics show that 60% of cyber attacks come from people on the inside i.e. your employees & suppliers.

So, as well as having the tech in place, it's vital that your organisation has the right policies, procedures, governance, monitoring and training to help prevent this threat. Don't leave the door open!

In this webinar we’ll be talking about how IT, HR and managers across your organisation must collaborate to develop an organisational-wide approach to cyber security.

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  • Dealing with the threat from within – malicious intent vs carelessness and all the levels between
  • Developing a collaborative approach to cyber within IT, HR,  etc.
  • Ensuring all staff are adequately trained to deal with cyber threats
  • Putting the right HR and operational governance policies and procedures in place
  • Identifying employees and suppliers who pose an enhanced risk
  • Ensuring controls are in place to minimise the risk from home/remote working
  • The future - an update on the latest threats and what to look out for

Who should attend?

HR Managers, IT Managers, Risk Managers, Business Owners, Operation Managers, H&S Managers, Quality Managers and anyone else interested in learning more about developing a joint approach to cyber security. 

Guest Speakers

Cevn Vibert

Cevn Vibert is the Director of Industrial Cyber Security with Vibert Solutions Limited and chairs up The Institute of Measurement and Control’s Cyber Group. He is also a member of the UK Cyber Alliance responsible for building the Governments new UK Cyber Security Council.

Cevn has over 30 years’ experience in ICS/OT, Manufacturing, Cyber and Critical National Infrastructures in UK and overseas and has chaired and spoken at many international cyber conferences spanning a range of industries including nuclear, oil and gas, IIOT, Aviation, Manufacturing, Maritime,  etc.

Our Expert Panel 

See Cevn's profile below.

Mike is the managing director of ITS Training -  a training company which delivers investigations training and associated learning to the public sector.

Amanda is escalla’s IT expert and trainer, responsible for delivering all escalla’s IT apprenticeship programmes, including Cyber security from 2020.