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Breathing Space and Statutory Debt Repayment Plan: Professional Seminar

Half day in-depth Seminar for Local Authority Teams

Seminar dates

Please contact us to book 9:30am to 1pm


Half Day


Online Seminar


£195 plus VAT per delegate

Breathing Space and Statutory Debt Repayment Plan Seminar

About this seminar:

Already attended our webinar? This course will build on the knowledge you have already learned and explore the legislation and practical application in much more detail. Ideal for those involved with implementation and delivery.

The implementation of the new Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space and a Statutory Debt Repayment Plan) is being introduced in May and will affect Local Authority debt such as Council Tax as well as other creditors. It aims to give people in problem debt the opportunity to take control of their finances and put them on a sustainable footing.

In this half day course, we'll take an in depth look at this new legal protections including the practical issues to help you prepare. There will be an open forum at the end enabling you to share ideas and ask questions.

What is the Debt Respite Scheme?

The statutory debt repayment plan (SDRP) will enable someone in problem debt to enter a statutory agreement to repay their debts to a manageable timetable. Individuals, would receive legal protections from creditor action for the duration of their plan.

Breathing space will give someone in problem debt the right to new legal protections from creditor action while they receive debt advice. This includes the freezing of interest, fees and and enforcement action.


  • Overview, impact and policy intention
  • A standard Breathing Space
  • A Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space
  • Statutory Debt Repayment Plan
  • Protections
  • Eligibility
  • Dealing with a notification
  • Challenging a decision
  • The role of stakeholders, including the Insolvency Service
  • Preparing for May 2021 - practical tips and guidance
  • Open forum and questions


£95 plus VAT.

Who should attend?

  • Local Authority revenues, collection and debt recovery teams.
  • Anyone else involved in collecting debt within the council

If you attended our initial webinar, this course will explore the debt respite scheme in more depth and detail. The course will be interactive with an open forum to discuss the practical application and ask questions.