Case Study: Yorkshire Housing

Yorkshire Housing

Helping staff to deal with challenging conversations.


"At Yorkshire Housing we believe in making it possible for our customers to have a place they’re proud to call home. As with any social housing organisation, sometimes this comes with its challenges and our customer experience teams do an excellent -yet sometimes difficult- job to handle calls, often from distressed customers. Last year, we identified a need to provide better support to our customers in those scenarios and at the same time enable our colleagues to preserve their own wellbeing in stressful or difficult situations.

We spent a long time in conversations with different providers but within five minutes of our first conversation, it became clear escalla were the right match for our needs.

We’ve had nothing but refreshing and positive feedback from our colleagues who have so far attended the workshop and the impact this has had on their work – the way they now approach and deal with stress and difficult conversations is truly inspiring.

I attended one of the sessions myself and I can only say it was one of the most engaging, interactive workshops I’ve taken part in. It stays with you and encourages you to make changes from day one, whilst giving you the tools to do it."


Chabel Santacreu

Learning and Organisation Development Partner, Yorkshire Housing