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Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders


Leadership coaching is a powerful tool to drive lasting and meaningful transformation. It helps individuals, teams, and organisations unlock their full potential, creating self-awareness, providing critical challenge and support, and inspiring positive change. Our world-class leadership coaching services and programs are designed to help you and your organisation navigate complexity and improve results. From personalised and professional coaching for executives, to coaching integrated into a development program, to building conversational skills and scaling a culture of feedback across the enterprise — our services are tailored to your specific needs. With our help, you can unlock the potential of your organisation and achieve transformational change.


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Adur and Worthing Council - Adam Saunders (Digital Delivery Manager)

"I had a successful working relationship with a colleague on my team. Conflict and friction at times made it difficult, but learning about the four personality types and the signs and triggers of stress proved to be beneficial. By understanding my own personality and the personality of the other person, we were able to work together better and achieve greater results."

During our coaching, it was a real journey of discovery for me and being able to be open-minded was essential to introduce some of the methods and advice into my real-world role. Being more self-aware of my own emotional attributes and that of my team has helped my understanding and hs allowed me to adapt to continue to ensure that different personalities, behaviours and traits can be used to enhance each other rather than cause conflict.

 While we were going through the coaching I was having some specific examples of conflict within the team that we were able to discuss and think about new techniques that I could apply to help the team, feedback from the new different ways of managing the team was really positive with some great outcomes.. The overall team morale and openness has been amazing to see in such a short time.

 One of the key successes was my working relationship with a specific member of my team where friction and conflict were a fairly regular occurrence, in learning about the 4 personality types and understanding the signs and triggers of stress have been a great help in this area, fully appreciating my own personality and that of the other person allowed a better joint effort and working together.

 I would recommend this coaching to any leader or manager who is willing to be open-minded and be able to look at their own management style with the aim of improving team dynamics, getting the best out of individual staff and being able to support your team for greater success is essential to be a great leader and mentor, this process has been life-changing for me and my team and the new working techniques and methods I will be using in all future roles I take throughout my career."


London Borough of Hounslow – Sheena Poley (Senior Manager) - Schools Admissions Service

“As a senior manager in the London Borough of Hounslow our services are under constant scrutiny; we face cuts and savings need to be made. In an environment of ‘needing to do more with less’ my staff are my greatest asset. I have been working with escalla and Mel Owers since 2015."                                                                                                  

Initially I contacted escalla following a major directorate restructure which resulted in significant changes for my Service. I felt the time was right to look at a programme of training and development which was initially focused on the middle managers, with an emphasis on developing them as individuals and as a senior leadership team. Through several conversations with Mel, we discussed a tailored programme of management training, consultancy and coaching for the School Organisation and Access to Education Service. The programme was fun, accessible, and interactive which the employees were excited to attend. Mel was quickly able to build rapport and trust with the staff members and, as a result, we have continued to work together both face-to-face and, since the pandemic, on virtual platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams. We have covered several topics including Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Performance Management, Behaviours and Values. We have seen the direct benefits, including measurable improvements in employee engagement, and collaboration. New team members have gained in confidence and are more motivated to support one another. I can truly say that we are no longer individuals working in a team but a team in the truest sense – coming together to achieve a common goal. Here are some of the comments from my staff:
• ‘I have some great ideas and l look forward to implementing them at work’
• ‘The coaching was inspiring and made me re-think the way I was doing things’
• The pace of the training sessions was excellent. Applicable to all aspects of work in our team’
• ‘Mel is a great trainer he keeps our energy and attention up. I would thoroughly recommend’
• ‘Great training, relevant, practical and useful. Well-presented interesting and engaging’