Consultative Questioning Techniques

This Consultative Questioning Techniques training develops critical attitudes, skills and practices for interacting with customers.

The course is based on research on the best practices that distinguish high-performing salespeople. Proven questioning techniques help participants intentionally shape their approach and actions to the customer's values and buying process.

What will I Learn?

  • Develop customer-focused attitudes and beliefs.
  • Handle buyer objections.
  • Learn and apply advanced questioning skills.
  • Translate product features into client-specific benefits.

Who is this course for?

This Consultative Questioning Techniques training is designed for anyone involved with, and looking to improve, their customer interactions or negotiations.

Course Content

  • Build rapport and gain trust
  • Use social chit-chat and bridging
  • Set the direction
  • Benefit statements
  • Situational probing
  • Using empathy
  • Handle "I Don't Care" customer
  • Role-play and feedback
  • Why problem clarification is important
  • Open, closed, clarification, confirming and implication questions
  • Using questions to determine customer need
  • Role-play and feedback
  • Integrate value and benefit
  • Value Equation
  • Five objection types and effective responses
  • Role-play and feedback
  • Test for agreement on established recommendation
  • Gain official commitment on the recommendation
  • Ten ways to close - when and when not to use each
  • Role-play and feedback