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Your Microsoft Teams for Education Webinar Recording & Resources

Your Microsoft Teams for Education Webinar

Thank you for registering for our webinar. Please find a recording of the first of the two webinars delivered on 6 August. While you're here why not have a look at how we have been helping schools transition to remote learning and check out our set of Office 365 Education courses / seminars for teaching professionals?

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The session you attended was the first of a five part set of seminars / courses covering the core application of Microsoft Office 365 for education professionals. View and book our other courses here and don't forget to use your discount code below.

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Thank You for your feedback! Here are some of your comments:

"I just loved it. It was the best learning hour ever!"

"I really liked the format of the session. Short and clear, with the recording coming later. I hope to look closer at every topic. Thank you."

"The presenter was excellent. Use of analogies to aid understanding was good (eg comparing to mobile phone apps etc)"