The impact of apprentices

Employer case study: The impact of apprentices at RedEye

Employer Case Study: The impact of apprentices at RedEye


"Through our digital marketing and IT apprentices, we have created a talent pipeline for the future. The level of training from escalla has ensured that all our apprentices have gone on to progress their careers with us, with some even progressing into departmental management positions.” - Emma Powell, Head of Learning and Development, Redeye. 

Interview with Redeye: The Impact Apprentices have made at Redeye

In this interview, we talk to Emma Powell, Head of Learning & Talent at RedEye, about taking on Digital Marketing and IT Apprentices and the positive impact they have had on the business. 

About Redeye 

North West-based marketing technology company RedEye has a fantastic track record of generating significant ROI for clients. They do this by providing a sophisticated marketing automation solution enabling them to better understand and respond to customer behaviour.  

Hi Emma, please can you tell us why you chose to fill your vacancies with apprentices?  

Yes, of course. 

In the technology sector that we operate in, many roles are difficult to fill and require skills that are in short supply. With that in mind, we decided to hire apprentices to invest in and grow our talent.  

With apprenticeships, we know that they are receiving industry-recognised training and support in addition to the support we can provide on the job. Together, we've got the perfect combination for individuals starting out in their careers. 

That’s great! Can you explain how your apprentices have been able to support the business?  

Absolutely. Our apprentices quickly become an integral part of our teams. They are always keen to learn and contribute to the team, are proactive and bring in new ideas from their course.  

Through our digital marketing and IT apprentices, we have created a talent pipeline for the future. Our aspiring managers have benefitted through being able to mentor and grow people in their teams.  

That’s great to hear. How have you and your apprentices found the classroom training? Has it been effective?  

Yes, it’s been great. The apprenticeships provide individuals with the complete skills and knowledge needed in their roles, and we've also found that they gain newfound confidence and clarity around their careers.  

We tend to find that apprentices outperform university graduates in terms of their mature work ethic and their ability to come up with fresh ideas and add value quickly. 

Brilliant! And finally, how have you found working with escalla 

Fantastic! The team are brilliant; friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. They are super supportive of our apprentices and involve us frequently as the employer. Our managers have regular catch-ups and are supported with how best to support their apprentices in succeeding on the programme.  

We receive fantastic feedback from our apprentices and their managers about working with Escalla, and we love working with you as an employer.  

Thanks so much Emma. We equally love working with the RedEye team! 

About escalla 

The digital skills gap means that roles in the technology sector are often hard to fill. At escalla, we offer a range of digital apprenticeships to bridge that gap between your business goals and your workforce. A digital marketing apprentice can assist in elevating your organisation through disciplines such as SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and much more. 

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