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Employing a Cyber Security Apprentice


Why hire a Cyber Security Apprentice?

When it comes to Cyber Security training - hiring a Cyber Security apprentice is a great way to shape your workforce with the right cyber security skills. With 43% of cyber attacks targeting small businesses – employing a Cyber Security apprentice is a cost-effective solution to add real value to your security teams.

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Benefits of Employing Cyber Security Apprentices


  • Increase diversity in your workforce - Apprenticeships can help people fulfil their potential. 

  • Create opportunities for young people – Apprenticeships attract a diverse range of young people, helping them to start careers and tackle skills shortages.

  • Support women in tech – Apprenticeships are a great platform for any woman to start a career – especially in industries like IT and Cyber.

  • Reduce recruitment costs – Utilise your levy account or receive heavily subsidised training.

  • Introduce new skills and perspectives – Fresh skills and different backgrounds help create diverse solutions to tech challenges.

  • Increase motivation throughout your team – Apprentices can help recharge motivation within a team.

  • Shape your future workforce – With an apprentice you have the opportunity to mould your team to fit your requirements and skills gaps.


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New Apprenticeship Incentive Funding

New cash bonuses for new hires that start an apprenticeship have been announced. If you hire between 1st April 2021 until the 30th September 2021, you could receive up to £4000 from the government.

Businesses taking on new apprentices will be rewarded with an incentive of £3,000. This is on top of the current £1000 payment for hiring an apprentice ages 16-18. There is also no limit on the number of incentive payments.

Apprentices vs. Graduates? Who should employers hire for their business?

Graduates and apprentices come from very different backgrounds and have taken different routes to employment – but which group is best suited for your business?

If you're a levy-paying employer, hiring an apprentice is the cost-effective and clear answer. You can use your funds to pay for their training and shape them into your ideal team member without the high recruitment fees.

Even if you’re not a levy-paying employer, you will only need to pay a maximum of 5% of each apprentice’s training costs – as the government will fund the remaining 95%.

Graduates have already completed their academic training, but they can expect higher wages and don't have any experience of the workplace. This means they may still need some vocational training before they can do the job.

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You don’t have to choose!

Hiring Cyber Security apprentices can work alongside your existing recruitment routes and graduate schemes. Apprentices and graduates bring different sets of skills which are equally beneficial to your business. Graduate roles tend to be more business-focused, while apprentices can focus on the more technical.

The cyber security landscape is forever changing and evolving. Cyber Security apprenticeships can also be used to upskill current staff and graduates – so that your cyber security teams remain ready and robust.

At escalla, we can help design apprentice recruitment that works alongside your current employment routes – by providing apprentices with on-the-job skills that can fill any gaps in your requirements.

What does a Cyber Security Apprentice do?

With escalla as your learning provider we’ll work with you to choose, train and shape motivated and adaptable Cyber Security apprentices – that fit with your business! At our learning academy we offer Cyber Security Technologist training to build apprentices into pro-active and valuable members of your team.

So, what does a Cyber Security Apprentice do and how can they fit within your organisation? Cyber Security Apprentices work well with a cyber security team and can undertake a range of responsibilities while training:

  • Network analysis and configuration

  • Installation of hardware and software components

  • Vulnerability discovery

  • Analyse and evaluate security threats and hazards

  • Develop a security case, with and without supervision

  • Research, investigate, and maintain current knowledge of the threat landscape

With these core skills, academy learning and support from our experienced trainers – hiring a Cyber Security apprentice is a smart way to build your cyber-ready workforce.

How to Hire a Cyber Security Apprentice?

5 steps to hiring a cyber security apprentice
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