Excel Printing and Layout for Beginners

Live Online Learning (1 Hour)

If you’re new to Excel, this Excel Printing and Layout for Beginners will give you the confidence to manage the popular Excel printing and layout options.

During this live online training session, our expert trainer will introduce you to the basic features of laying out a page and printing your work: with focus on working with the structure of a page, adding a header and footer, using page breaks, and exploring printing options.

This Excel Printing and Layout training session is suitable for users of Excel 2013 and 2016.

What Will I Learn?

How to change page layout  - Understand the different ways to lay out your page, including page orientation, margins, gridlines and headings.

How to use page breaks - Understand what page breaks are used for. Then learn how to insert, remove and adjust them.

How to use headers and footers - Learn how to insert headers and footers, and add page numbers and dates to your work.

How to use Excel printing options - Discover the different print options available, to make customised printing quick and effective.

How to print - From a single cell to an entire workbook, learn the specific techniques for printing and previewing the data you want.


You should be familiar with using Microsoft Excel at a basic level. If you’re new to Excel, taking the How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet training first would be beneficial.

What Are Live Online Sessions?

Live Online gives you all the benefits of classroom training, but from the comfort of your home or office. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where your friendly trainer will guide you and your class through the learning topic.

These interactive sessions also give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, as you take control and demonstrate your new skills to your trainer. Two-way text or voice chat is always available, for when you want to discuss a topic, need help, or want to ask any questions.


£95 per person, per session

Maximum Group Size:

6 people

Request Training

t: 0203 941 4100 | e: [email protected]

Course Content

  • What is Page Layout view
  • How to change page orientation
  • How to adjust page margins
  • How to display and print gridlines and headings
  • How to insert and remove page breaks
  • How to reset manual page breaks
  • How to adjust page breaks in Page Break Preview
  • What is the Header and Footer Tools toolbar
  • How to add headers and footers
  • How to insert page numbers and dates
  • How to select and use Print Titles
  • How to select a print area
  • How to save an area to print later
  • How to scale and fit data to one page
  • How to modify margins in Print Preview