Floorwalking Services

Expert floorwalking teams to support your staff

Floorwalker teams provide in-department, on-the-go training to ensure seamless transition onto your new systems.

Helpdesk Support

Our dedicated trainer helpdesk for systems migration

Working in sync with our floorwalking service, our trainer-led help desk provides immediate on-call IT support and advice.

Training Support

A range of systems training options to meet every challenge

E-learning, Live Online, Essentials, quick reference guides, and face-to-face training: we always have your perfect learning solution.

Change Management

Helping healthcare organisations manage and embrace change

Our expert communication and technology solutions help organisations successfully adopt major transition


Healthcare Systems Training

Our healthcare systems training supports staff during major IT implementation.

Through a range of specialist systems training and support, we help organisations adopt to new processes and technology, accelerate change, and maintain business-as-usual. From new appointments booking or CRS systems, to medical software and Office 365, we have the expertise to deliver targeted support to keep all types of health departments running as effectively as possible during IT installations or upgrades.

Healthcare Floorwalking

Onsite floorwalking lies at the heart of our systems training service.

Providing 24/7 deskside support, our teams of NHS-accredited trainers can be embedded into your departments on a long-term or supplementary basis. Your staff benefit from available teams of experts, ready to answer all your staff queries and respond to any issues relating to your new processes or software.

Benefits of working with escalla Floorwalking Services

Learning Specialists

For 25 years, we have continued to develop a range of learning solutions. Utilising the latest digital and in-person training methods, we deliver the skills to empower staff and transform businesses.


escalla is built on serving the healthcare industry. Today, thanks to our trusted team of experienced professionals, we have become one of the biggest healthcare training providers in the UK.


Healthcare organisations face many unique challenges. Our systems training solutions begin by listening to you, before using our depth of resources and expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Leading with Technology

We believe the right technology can lead to better services. escalla Healthcare’s digital transformation team uses the latest technology and software to improve the way organisations work.

Floorwalking is a highly effective solution for achieving seamless transition during any major change, and has been critical to the success of many health providers’ systems implementations.

If you’re happier to train your own staff, we also offer floor-walking training courses, giving you all the knowledge and skills you need to allow your trust to independently conduct floor-walking for a variety of healthcare systems.