How to Format a Spreadsheet in Excel

Live Online Learning (1 Hour)

Let us teach you how to easily format a spreadsheet in Excel, in this live-online interactive training.

This session will give you the skills to confidently use a range of formatting options in Excel. You’ll learn different format types for both text and number values, as well as multiple formatting styles. You will also be introduced to the incredible Conditional Formatting tool, allowing you to highlight and emphasise values within a range of cells using formatting effects.

This How to Format a Spreadsheet in Excel training session is suitable for users of Excel 2013 and 2016.

What Will I Learn?

How to format a spreadsheet with text and number - Explore the various formats that are available, when they should be used, and how to clear them.

How to align cells - Align cells horizontally and vertically; and use the merge, centre and wrap text commands.

How to use Format Painter - Make formatting across spreadsheets easier and quicker, using the Format Painter tool.

How to add borders and fill colours - Use borders to effectively separate and outline data; and emphasise cells using shading to change the background fill colour.

How to use conditional formatting - Highlight data based on its value to identify highs, lows, and trends, with the conditional formatting tool.

How to change cell styles - Use predefined cell styles to format your worksheets consistently with the same look and feel.


You should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016, and be able to create a simple workbook and add and edit text/numbers within it.

What Are Live Online Sessions?

Live Online gives you all the benefits of classroom training, but from the comfort of your home or office. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where your friendly trainer will guide you and your class through the learning topic.

These interactive sessions also give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, as you take control and demonstrate your new skills to your trainer. Two-way text or voice chat is always available, for when you want to discuss a topic, need help, or want to ask any questions.


£95 per person, per session

Maximum Group Size:

6 people

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Course Content

  • How to use different Excel formats
  • When to use formatting
  • How to clear formatting
  • How to align horizontally and vertically in cells
  • How to use the merge and centre command
  • How to use the wrap text command
  • What is the Format Painter tool
  • How to use Format Painter to make formatting easier
  • What are Excel borders
  • How to effectively separate and outline data
  • How to emphasise cells using background fill colours
  • What is conditional formatting
  • How to highlight data, based on its value
  • How to identify trends, highs and lows in cell data
  • What are cell styles
  • How to use predefined cell styles
  • How to format worksheets consistently with the same look and feel