How to Manage and Analyse Excel Data

Live Online Learning (1 Hour)

In this interactive How to Manage and Analyse Excel Data training session, you will get hands-on with some of Excels most efficient and important data tools.

One of Excel’s biggest strengths lies in its unrivalled ability to manage and analyse large sets of data.

By taking this course, you will massively improve your Excel capabilities by learning how to dig deeper into sets of data, explore data using the sort and filter options, and then make your data work for you as you break it down using the Sub Totals, Advanced Filtering and Database functions.

This How to Manage and Analyse Excel Data training session is suitable for users of Excel 2013 and 2016.

What Will I Learn?

How to sort data through lists - Extend the capabilities of sorting, by creating custom lists.

How to find and manage Excel data - Set comparison criteria and use wildcards to help quickly find records in your data, and delete duplicate data.

How to filter my data - Use an auto filter and top 10 filter to analyse data based on filtered results. We will also introduce you to the subtotal function to carry out calculations, based on filtered data.

How to use advanced filtering - Use advanced filtering for more complex criteria, and extract filtered data to a different location.

How to use sub total tools - Take your knowledge of subtotals further by learning how to create nested automatic subtotals and other multiple summary functions.

How to use database functions - Database functions are a great way of creating an interactive analytical space for your data, allowing you to easily manage criteria and extract information.


You should have a good knowledge of creating and editing workbooks in Excel 2013 or 2016. Taking the How to Use Excel Data Forms course first would be beneficial, or having a good understanding of Data Form functionality.

What Are Live Online Sessions?

Live Online gives you all the benefits of classroom training, but from the comfort of your home or office. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where your friendly trainer will guide you and your class through the learning topic.

These interactive sessions also give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, as you take control and demonstrate your new skills to your trainer. Two-way text or voice chat is always available, for when you want to discuss a topic, need help, or want to ask any questions.


£95 per person, per session

Maximum Group Size:

6 people

Request Training

t: 0203 941 4100 | e: [email protected]

Course Content

  • Create custom lists
  • Extend the capabilities of sorting
  • Quickly find records in your data
  • Set comparison criteria
  • Use wildcards
  • Delete duplicate data
  • Find out how to use an auto filter
  • Create a top 10 filter to make it easier to
  • Analyse Excel data based on the filtered results
  • Learn how to use the subtotal function within auto filter
  • Carry out calculations based on filtered data
  • Use advanced filtering with more complex criteria
  • Extract data from a filter to a different location
  • Extend the capabilities of sub totals
  • Learn how to create nested automatic subtotals
  • Learn other multiple summary functions
  • Discover the extent of database functions available in Excel 2013 & 2016 to help you further analyse Excel data