LA Inform

Your complete local authority information and learning platform

LA Inform is the secure and easy to use platform for local government legislation, learning and compliance.

Keep your teams updated by hosting and circulating changes in legislation, internal updates and procedures, learning materials and news. The system is designed and optimised for local authority revenues, benefits, financial assessments and customer services teams.

Featuring an intuitive central hub and search functionality, your teams can log in to the latest information affecting local government, quickly and easily – whenever and wherever they need it.

Upload courseware, e-learning and other training materials to create an instant learning resource for staff. Completion and success rates can then be tracked, and data used towards continued professional development (CPD) records.

LA Inform is the only local authority information portal of its kind. Sign up to begin enjoying improved service performance, reduction in errors, and streamlined processes.

Part of escalla’s suite of self-service learning solutions, LA-Inform can be purchased separately or as part of a package with escalla’s courseware and e-learning bundles. 


Improve performance

  • Drive compliance by tracking and managing staff performance.
  • Enable continuing professional development (CPD) by assigning training needs analysis and learning courses to specific job roles.
  • Tailor your learning by creating your own courses, supporting material and induction programmes.
  • Access escalla’s professional suite of Revenues and Benefits e-learning.
  • Keep updated with the latest information and local government news.

Minimise errors and waste

  • Reduce claimant and official error by quickly implementing changes in local government legislation.
  • Prevent waste through non-value adding tasks, like complaints, appeals and subsidy losses.
  • Reduce internal queries and demand on senior staff by empowering staff to self-serve.
  • Track progress with real-time updates to training records.

Streamline the change process

  • Save time by automating your internal training communications and learning programmes,
  • Give users control to manage their own learning needs, as part of predefined, job-specific learning journeys.
  • Guarantee staff have the right information at the right time, with a LEAN and controlled change process.
  • Reduce classroom-based training and enhance your overall learning outcomes.

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Prices are based upon the size of your local authority. Please contact us for a quote.

Discounts apply when purchased as a package alongside escalla’s courseware or e-learning bundles.

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Alerts you to new local government legislation in plain English.

Assign and track updates, supplemental reading and inductions to users or teams.

Monitor and track completion of training and inductions. 

Remind staff to read updates, complete e-learning and other mandatory tasks.

Reporting tools put control and knowledge back into the hands of managers.

Store and create your own content alongside legislation and courses, in one place.