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Communication Skills

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Communication Skills Overview

Our business skills courses are available for organisations to book for their teams. Learning is delivered live online by a qualified instructor in small groups of no more than 12 delegates per course.

If you ask people in an organisation what they think the greatest organisation failing is, the vast majority will tell you that it’s ‘poor communication’. So why are we always so bad at telling each other and our clients the things they need to know?

It’s all too easy to take things for granted and assume that people know or understand, or that someone else is dealing with it. It’s also easy to misinterpret what is expected, which can easily begin a chain reaction of unwanted events.

All it takes is someone taking a comment the wrong way, a misunderstanding or someone sharing the ‘wrong’ message and it won’t be long before you watch the impending disaster unfold.


1.5 hours


This course is suitable for individuals and leaders / managers who would like to enhance their communication skills in the workplace, including developing their spoken, written, digital and listening skills, as well as enhancing their awareness of the role that body language plays in communication.


This course will enable delegates to build trust, get their point across, have greater empathy and understanding, grow relationships and provide clarity and direction in terms of how they communicate.

They will learn how to increase engagement leads to improved productivity and a teamwork, also having a positive effect on morale and motivation.

By learning how to be a better communicator and how adjust style to suit the audience, it can lead to greater opportunity for growth and success in the workplace.

How Can Live Online Help You?

The way in which training is delivered has evolved considerably in the last few years. Our Live Online Learning is a practical, personalised and role-centred solution to training your staff remotely.

Learners receive online support from highly-experienced trainers, gaining the confidence and specific skills they need, organised within their workloads.

Our accredited (Certified On-line Facilitators) Live-On-Line trainers understand how to deliver effective training in this digital environment and they have designed our virtual courses to be topic driven, so that learners get the maximum learning experience in the shortest period of time.