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Microsoft OneNote Course Overview

Designed to function like an electronic version of a paper notebook, OneNote is a personal information management application for collecting, organising and sharing information digitally. During our course you will learn how to add and create notes, insert pages and gather information. You will also learn how to organise your notes by subject or project and how to share notes with other people.


Gain confidence creating pages, collecting text, images, sound and video in OneNote notebooks, so helping you collect and keep track of your ideas and helping you increase your productivity. You will also know how OneNote integrates with the other parts of Office 365 and understand how to harness this to increase your efficiency.


Delegates should have a good level of PC and windows skills, and a basic knowledge of MS Office. No existing knowledge of OneNote is required.

Course Duration

1 Day

MS OneNote: Topics

What is OneNote, What can you do with OneNote, Starting OneNote from the Desktop, The OneNote Screen, Understanding Backstage View, Opening a Notebook, Showing and Collapsing the Ribbon, Using the Ribbon, Navigating with the Notebooks Pane, Working with the Notebooks Pane, Understanding OneNote Views, Changing the View, Closing a Notebook, Exiting OneNote.

Understanding OneNote Files, Creating a New Notebook, Typing a Note, Creating Pages, Creating Subpages, Creating Sections , Creating Section Groups.

Renaming Sections and Pages, Working with Page Groups, Moving, Copying and Deleting Sections and Pages, Inserting Space on a Page, Using the OneNote Recycle Bin, Deleting Unwanted Notebooks.

Copying and Pasting Content, Inserting Pictures, Extracting Text from a Picture, Inserting Screen Clippings into the Current Page, Inserting Screen Clippings with Send to OneNote, Sending Content to OneNote, Attaching Files, Understanding Audio and Video Files, Linking to Other Pages, Linking to a Web Page.

Understanding Linked Notes, Starting and Ending a Linked Notes Session, Starting Linked Notes from Word, PowerPoint or Internet Explorer, Viewing, Removing, Disabling and Re-Enabling Linked Notes, Using the Research Pane.

Understanding Quick Notes, Creating a Quick Note, Keeping a Quick Note Visible, Reviewing your Quick Notes, Moving Quick Notes to Existing Notes.

Formatting Text, Using Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Checking the Spelling, Applying Styles, Adding Paragraph Spacing.

Resizing a Note Container, Merging the Contents of Note Containers, Moving a Note Container.

Creating an Outline, Selecting in an Outline, Collapsing and Expanding Details, Moving Content in an Outline.

Inserting a Table, Adding Content to a Table, Selecting Content in a Table, Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns, Formatting a Table.

Understanding Pen Mode, Inserting Shapes, Drawing with the Pen Tool, Selecting Shapes, Modifying Drawings, Converting Ink to Text, Creating a Favourite Pen.

Tagging Content, Creating a Custom Tag, Modifying Tags, Removing Tags from Notes, Finding Tagged Notes.

Searching the Current Page, Using Quick Search, Using the Search Results Task Pane, Turning on Search and Text Recognition.

Understanding OneNote Templates, Creating a New Page based on a Template, Creating a Custom Template, Setting a Default Template, Deleting a Custom Template.

Specifying Paper Size, Changing Print Margins, Setting Page Colours and Rule Lines, Adding a Background Picture.

Understanding and Printing with the Print Dialog Box, Printing from Print Preview, Exporting OneNote Content as a Word, PDF, XPS or a Web Page, Sending Pages in Different Formats.

Locking a Section with a Password, Locking all Protected Sections, Unlocking a Protected Section, Removing a Password, Setting Password Protection Options, Setting Backup Options.

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