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Power BI Course Overviews

Our Microsoft Power BI live-online courses are available for organisations to book as in-house virtual courses for staff. The training is split into six levels below and each course can be delivered for up to 12 delegates.

Power BI
Level 1 - Overview

During this hand-on session, you will gain an understanding of what Power BI is and what it is used for in relation to Power Query and Power Pivot. You will discover how this interactive tool can help analyse data and present it visually to help make informed business decisions.

Anyone with Database, Business Intelligence (BI), Programming, or similar experience are quite qualified to take this course, even if lacking in Excel experience.

  • Overview of Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query
  • Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop and Power BI Report Server
  • Various Methods of loading data
  • Managing Data Relationships: the End of VLOOKUP
  • Data Tables vs. Lookup Tables

Power BI Level 2 - Fundamentals & introduction to Formulas and DAX

During this hand-on session, you will learn how to work with calculations in Power BI. You will be introduced to Data Analytics Expressions (DAX) functions and what they are and why they are needed.

You should have attended the Overview of Power BI or be aware of how Power BI is being used in your business area.

  • Named reference syntax
  • Measures (Calc Fields) vs. Calc Columns
  • CALCULATE function and its uses

Power BI
Level 3 – Formulas and DAX

During this hand-on session, you will learn how to improve on formulas and look at further DAX function examples.

You should have attended Level 2 introduction to DAX functions.

  • Debugging your formulas
  • Evaluation Contexts and Context Transition
  • Introduction to Time Intelligence: Date/Calendar Tables
  • Running totals – Year to Date, Month to Date, Quarter to Date
  • Change versus Prior Month/Year Etc.
  • What-if Analysis using Disconnected Tables and Slicers

Power BI Levels 4-6

Power Bi
Level 4 – More Advanced DAX

During this hand-on session your knowledge of DAX functions is taken further and you will learn what Vertipaq is and how it works in relation to data compression. You will also look at how calculations can be used where there are patterns in your data.

You should have attended Level 2 and 3 Introduction to DAX functions.

  • The Vertipaq engine explained
  • FILTER() function
  • Context transition finally makes sense
  • Counting things that didn’t happen (eg customers that haven’t purchased)
  • Customising Time Intelligence

Power BI
Level 5 – Power Query in Power BI

During this hand-on session you will learn what Power Query is and when and how to use it for data processing. You will be introduced to the M Functions in Power Query and where to output your data.

You should have a good knowledge of what Power BI and SharePoint do in conjunction with Excel.

  • When to use it and why
  • Built-in transformations
  • Introduction to the “M” language
  • Using Power Query to solve real world problems.
  • Workbook Distribution Options
  • Different Web Hosting options (SharePoint and Power BI)
  • Options to refresh workbooks

Power BI
Level 6 – Visuals and Service

During this hand-on session you will learn how to produce visual reports in Power BI. Interactive Dashboards will be created and set up for sharing with others. You will also look at tips on how to manage your large collections of data to speed up calculations.

You should have attended the earlier sessions on Power BI. A knowledge of Excel Dashboard would be helpful but isn’t essential.

  • Key features of Reporting
  • Dashboards, Analyse in Excel
  • Sharing your data
  • Performance - How to Keep Your Files Small and Your Calculations Fast

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