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Time Management

For in office and remote working time management

Time Management Overview

Our business skills courses are available for organisations to book for their teams. Learning is delivered live online by a qualified instructor in small groups of no more than 12 delegates per course.

There’s often a lot of stuff coming at us from all directions and it’s easy for people to take one look at a list of tasks and begin to panic.

Some people simply do the easy stuff first, taking satisfaction from reducing their list of jobs in quick fashion but then fail to tackle the more important things within an expected timeframe.  Others perhaps focus on the tasks that they enjoy and are comfortable with, avoiding the less interesting but often more important jobs to fall by the wayside.

These days, it’s rare for anyone to be ‘caught up’ with all their work, aside from also juggling things that fall outside of their work responsibilities but could be impacted upon due to poor planning and time management.


1.5 hours


This course is suitable for those individuals who would like to learn how to be more organised and deal with increasing work priorities with the same amount of time and resources available as before.


Learn how to be more organised and manage yourself more effectively, using tools and techniques that enable better time management.

Fully understand how to delegate more effectively and see delegation as a significant benefit rather than something to be avoided.

Learning the importance of saying ‘no’ speaking up and addressing rather than avoiding issues that are unlikely to disappear on their own.

Reduce stress and be more productive in the use of your available time.

How Can Live Online Help You?

The way in which training is delivered has evolved considerably in the last few years. Our Live Online Learning is a practical, personalised and role-centred solution to training your staff remotely.

Learners receive online support from highly-experienced trainers, gaining the confidence and specific skills they need, organised within their workloads.

Our accredited (Certified On-line Facilitators) Live-On-Line trainers understand how to deliver effective training in this digital environment and they have designed our virtual courses to be topic driven, so that learners get the maximum learning experience in the shortest period of time.