Introduction to Excel: Mastering Worksheet Structure

Live Online Learning (1 Hour)

Prepare to master the structure of an Excel Worksheet, with this live online Introduction to Excel training session.

Explore the range of methods and commands to give you control over the structural components of an Excel spreadsheet – giving you confidence to insert and delete columns and rows, move and copy data, and manage multiple worksheets.

This Introduction to Excel: Worksheet Structure training session is suitable for users of Excel 2013 and 2016.

What Will I Learn?

How to manage columns and rows - Take control of columns and rows: insert, delete or resize with ease.

How to move and copy data in columns and rows - Get your data exactly where you want it, as you learn to confidently move and copy data across columns and rows.

How to manage multiple worksheets - Avoid getting tangled up in multiple worksheets, as you learn to add, rename and organise worksheets in a workbook, as well as protect your important data.

How to freeze panes - Freeze row and column headings, so that they stay fixed in place when scrolling through a worksheet.


You should be familiar with using Microsoft Excel at a basic level, and with creating and editing workbooks. If you’re new to Excel, taking the How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet course first would be beneficial.

What Are Live Online Sessions?

Live Online gives you all the benefits of classroom training, but from the comfort of your home or office. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where your friendly trainer will guide you and your class through the learning topic.

These interactive sessions also give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, as you take control and demonstrate your new skills to your trainer. Two-way text or voice chat is always available, for when you want to discuss a topic, need help, or want to ask any questions.


£95 per person, per session

Maximum Group Size:

6 people

Request Training

t: 0203 941 4100 | e: [email protected]

Course Content

  • How to insert and delete columns and rows
  • How to change the column and row width and height
  • How to adjust columns and rows both individually and simultaneously
  • How to use Autofit
  • How to hide and unhide columns
  • How to move and copy data in columns and rows
  • How to add additional worksheets to a workbook
  • How to copy, rename and organise worksheets
  • How to protect parts of a worksheet so that they cannot be modified
  • How to fix row and column headings