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Optimise, secure and control your Microsoft 365 or Azure environment

Optimise, Secure, and control your Microsoft environment with Surveil

Do you use Microsoft 365 or Azure or resell it on to your clients? Are you maximising your return on investment and driving end user adoption? With a free Surveil Health check, you will discover new insights to optimise, secure and control your Microsoft environment. Whether you want to identify adoption, usage, security risks, or reduce licencing costs, Surveil has the answers.

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Microsoft 365


Discover new insights to optimise, secure and control your Microsoft environments


Make the most of your investment in Microsoft 365. Identify adoption, usage and prevent licensing waste. Optimise productivity through automated processes and actionable insights.



Locate security risks and create opportunities to automate governance - all while monitoring how security features are being used.



Use Surveil’s metrics and insights to inform critical business decisions, gaining a new level of control over the organisation and its digital transformation.

Check out our Surveil Academy courses for users and resellers, covering both Microsoft 365 and Azure. Become a Surveil specialist with our Foundation, Practitioner and Master specialist badges.

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