Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Course

Gaining an in-depth understanding of how to apply Excel functions to data and cultivate numbers into insights

This intensive 1-day Excel data analysis course offers useful tips on turning raw data to an analysable format. You will learn how to build powerful tables and apply jaw dropping conditional formatting to visualize your data, analyse data using functions and pivot tables, express calculations using the DAX engine, present data using Power view and much more.

The ability to effectively analyse data is a powerful and valuable skill. This Excel data analysis course will give you a good working knowledge of Excel’s analysis tools to dramatically increase your productivity and help you to make better business decisions. Proficiency in Excel data analysis will make you stand out as a competent and indispensable member of your organisation, and can lead to bigger opportunities and better career roles.


Before enrolling on this Excel Data Analysis course:

  • You should have an intermediate and confident working knowledge of Excel, including an understanding of pivot tables.

Why take this Excel data analysis course?

Enhance your ability to quickly process large data sets - Applying the skills used in this course will enable you to analyse large amounts of raw data to quickly identify trends and patterns.

Improve your data presentations – You will gain the knowledge and skills to build more sophisticated spreadsheets and charts, allowing you to present data accurately and attractively.

Make better business decisions – Business owners and employees that can effectively analyse data are able to quickly adapt to the current market trends and maintain a competitive edge.

Improve your career prospects - This course will lay a foundation that can help you kick start an exciting and lucrative career in data analysis.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone interested in learning practical data management and statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel.
  • Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the intermediate and advanced features of Excel.
  • Individuals aspiring to achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Microsoft Excel.

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1-Day Course Content

  • Cleansing data using functions, building tables, sort and filter, and sparklines
  • Prepare and cleanse data using functions
  • Build powerful tables and apply jaw dropping conditional formatting to visualize your data
  • Analysing data sets by using database functions, creating sub totals and reporting with amazing charts
  • Set criteria and extract information from tables using database functions
  • Learn to structure and summarise your data with the sheer power of the subtotal, and then visualise your data with magnificent charts
  • Analyse data using pivot tables and learn to use power view, a completely new interactive and visual way to present and analyse large sets of data.
  • Pivot tables and modelling for power pivot
  • Discover the magic of powerpivot
  • Learn to build an unbelievably efficient data model
  • Introducing relationships and DAX functions let powerpivot and the data model dazzle.