Microsoft Excel for Engineers and Architects | Training Course

Engineers and architects: increase your knowledge, productivity and capabilities with Microsoft Excel

Engineers and architects often find themselves performing repetitive calculations on similar problems. This Excel for engineers and architects training will allow you to use Excel as a working tool to automate such tasks: saving time, increasing productivity and minimising the risk of error.

In this Excel for Engineers and Architects training, you will find out how to use Index and Match for advanced Lookups, build dashboards, control data using advanced filters and more.

This intensive 1-day course focuses on spreadsheet-based data management in Excel for engineers and architects. We will teach you everything you need to understand about consolidating, filtering and validating data, show you how build efficient and powerful tables and workbooks, as well as introduce you to Macros.


  • You should have an advanced and confident working knowledge of Excel, including Pivot Tables, logical functions and VLOOKUP formula.
  • You need a working MS Excel installation. You can purchase it or obtain a trial version from the Microsoft website.

Why take this Excel for engineers and architects course?

Unlock the full potential of your data – Learning the topics covered in this course will give you more control over your data.

Improve productivity -  Increase your efficiency and dramatically shorten the time it takes to perform calculations and other tasks.

Enhance your ability to analyse large amounts of data – You will learn how to use powerful filtering and search tools that will help you to quickly sort through your data.

Who should take this course?

  • Professionals who carry out complex data analysis tasks and who would benefit from understanding the advanced functions Excel has to offer.
  • Engineers, architects, or anyone in a profession that requires calculation who needs to learn how to use spreadsheets more effective


1 day

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1 Day Course Content

  • Data consolidation, 3D referencing, index and match
  • Building dashboards
  • Advanced filter and data validation
  • Data extraction
  • Multi-dependent lists
  • Working with macros
  • Recording and editing within the VBA window