Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions | Training Course

Discover new, useful features of Excel with this introductory Excel formulas training

By the end of this introductory Excel formulas training, you will be able to take advantage of the built-in features of Excel to quickly write simple formulas and functions that will increase your productivity when working with data-heavy spreadsheets.

Formulas and functions make up the core of Microsoft Excel. They transform Excel from a basic spreadsheet application into a dynamic and powerful analytics tool. Excel formulas training will allow you to manipulate data and glean useful information to take your career or businesses to the next level.

This comprehensive 1-day Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions course is aimed at new and intermediate spreadsheet users looking to be more efficient with Excel. Through hands-on, contextual examples, you will gain a deep understanding of basic Excel formulas, and learn how specialised functions are applied in different scenarios.

Some of the topics this Excel formulas training includes: writing simple formulas, writing functions without using the function wizard, nesting functions, using IF function to perform calculations, finding data using VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP functions and much more.


You should have a basic understanding of Excel.

Why take this Excel formulas training?

Unlock the full potential of your data – You will learn how to use basic functions and formulae to get more from your data.

Increase efficiency – Using Excel formulas and functions significantly minimises the risk of error when performing calculations

Improve productivity - Save time by using the techniques and methods you learn here to complete bigger tasks quicker.

Open up opportunities for career advancement – With the skills learnt in this course you can take on more responsibilities and improve your chances of getting a promotion or a raise.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is ideal for users with a basic knowledge of Excel who wish to understand how to use basic formulas and functions within Excel.
  • Anyone looking for an interactive, hands-on approach to Excel analytics training
  • Professional who would benefit from refreshing their understanding of the basic functions of Excel
  • Anyone aspiring to achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Microsoft Excel


1 day

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1-Day Course Content

  • Writing formulas
  • Using relative and absolute cell references
  • Autosum and the function wizard
  • Understanding the basic structure of all functions
  • Writing functions without using the function wizard
  • Commas, brackets, square brackets, tab
  • Quick demo of basic/useful functions
  • How to nest a function
  • IF function
  • Basic IF
  • Using IF to perform calculations
  • Nested IF
  • Nesting IF with other functions
  • Create named ranges using the name box and the ‘create from selection’ command
  • Use the ‘name manager'
  • Use names in formulae and functions
  • Understand the difference between a ‘true’ and ‘false’ VLOOKUP; use a HLOOKUP