Microsoft Excel Foundations | Training Course

Intuitively and productively navigate the Excel interface and use simple tools and techniques to make your spreadsheets look more professional.

Learning Excel foundations will enable you to filter, sort and visualise data - helping you to make informed decisions and create professional presentations.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application which helps users to store, manipulate and analyse data.

This Excel Foundations course will provide you with an understanding of the basic concepts of spreadsheets and show you how to use Excel to manage and share data. We will introduce you to the Excel interface and, using practical examples, teach you how perform simple tasks such as creating and editing spreadsheets, inputting data, cell formatting, writing simple formulas, preparing spreadsheets for output and much more.

At the end of this Excel Foundations course, you will be able to intuitively and productively navigate the interface and will be confident using simple tools and techniques to make your spreadsheets look more presentable.

If you are new to Microsoft Excel, this is the perfect course for you.


No previous skills are required for taking this course. This course is for anyone who wants to learn an overview of the Excel foundations; whether starting out or as a refresher.

Why take this course?

Enhance your career prospects - Having Excel training on your resume gives you an extra advantage over other applicants.

Boost productivity - The techniques included in this course will enable you to complete tasks quicker. Set yourself apart with your knowledge and skill.

Increase your value – This course will increase your visibility in your organization. Employees with Excel training can take on more responsibilities and are more likely to get a raise.

Who should take this Excel Foundations course?

  • This course is ideal for anyone wishing to learn the very basics of Excel in the shortest possible time.
  • Those familiar with other spreadsheet applications but new to Microsoft Excel
  • Anyone who has not used the Excel for a long time.
  • Self-taught Excel users with a little experience who would like to master the basic fundamentals.


1 day

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1-Day Course Content

  • Navigating across Excel workbooks, worksheets and cells
  • Understanding the key functions of the ribbon, tabs, commands and the quick access tool bar
  • Changing basic views and using zoom
  • Utilising contextual menus
  • Learning keyboard and mouse shortcuts for getting around quickly
  • Using cut/copy/paste shortcuts and using drag and drop
  • Using undo
  • Add, rename, reorder, move and remove worksheets
  • Quickly inputting data; entering and editing text, numeric and date values appropriately in cell and via the formula bar
  • Use the format painter and paste special
  • Quickly format your spreadsheet to display your information clearly and professionally; create custom date formats
  • Use the autofill shortcut to copy a cell contents or a numerical pattern, with or without cell formatting
  • Using autofill with dates, numbers and text
  • Freeze panes
  • Hide rows
  • Columns
  • Add comments
  • Protect cells
  • Printing
  • Applying headers and footers
  • Writing formulas
  • Using relative and absolute cell references; BODMAS
  • Speed up basic calculations by using autosum and the function wizard