Microsoft Office 2016: Transition from Microsoft Office (2007/2010)

We will explore a variety of enhancements available in MS Office 2016 applications, from Excel's new Flash Fill feature that accelerates the speed at which you can add data to a spreadsheet, to Word's ability to edit PDF files.

Transition from Microsoft Office (2007/2010)

It's likely you've recently used Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 to write a document in Word, work on a spreadsheet in Excel or prepare a presentation in PowerPoint. Perhaps you use Outlook to send emails to your contacts, or Access to manage a database.

Whether you use Microsoft Office for personal or professional use, the fact is that MS Office is the ultimate productivity application. With each new release of Microsoft Office, Microsoft adds more features and tools to streamline your work and help you become more efficient.

This 1-day course builds upon the knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 you already have, and will help you bridge the gap from Office 2007/2010 to Microsoft Office 2016. This course focuses on the enhanced features and functionality you’ll want to leverage to improve the way you manage, organize, present, and distribute data and information.

By completing this course, you will significantly increase your confidence and competence in:

  • Modifying documents in Microsoft Word 2016.
  • Enhancing spreadsheet data using Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • Augmenting a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Creating a database using Microsoft Access 2016.
  • Managing email, calendars and contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2016.


  • You should have foundational knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010.

Why take this course?

Manage large volumes of E-mail – Outlook makes it easy to manage large amounts of emails from multiple Email accounts.

Stay organized – Use Outlook to manage your inbox and schedule your daily activities.

Stay connected – Outlook allows you to keep in touch with your social and business networks.

Enhance connectivity – With Outlook you can receive and send emails, add entries to your calendar and take notes even when away from your computer.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is ideal for:
    • Individuals who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Office 2007 or Office 2010, and are interested in transitioning to Microsoft Office 2016.
    • MS Office 2007 / 2010 users who may be interested in learning about the new features available in Microsoft Office 2016.


1 day

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1-Day Course Content

  • Common features
  • Office 2016 and the cloud.
  • Editing a PDF
  • Work with tables
  • Embed videos
  • Edit documents
  • Read documents
  • Streamline workflow in Excel using templates
  • Accelerate data entry with flash fill
  • Incorporate charts
  • Analyse date
  • Apply a theme
  • Incorporate objects
  • Leverage the enhanced presenter view
  • Collaborate with others on a single presentation
  • Explore web apps
  • Utilise templates in Access
  • Navigate through mail, calendars, people and tasks
  • Manage your mailbox