Microsoft SharePoint Server for Site Members - 1 Day | Training Course

Microsoft SharePoint Server training for users designated as SharePoint site members.

Learn how to integrate MS Office documents in SharePoint, and use 'My Site' to set up password protected team sites.

In today's modern business environment, most people work together collaboratively in teams. Powerful software applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint make this possible by allowing team members to access, edit and share data from a centralised location.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), is a browser-based document management platform designed to improve an organisation's effectiveness by streamlining the management of and access to information. It allows groups to use familiar applications and Web based tools to set up a centralized, secure space for document sharing. A good understanding of SharePoint Server's features and capabilities will enhance your efficiency and effectiveness within your organisation.  

This 1-day class is the most comprehensive on the internet covering Site Members. The aim of this course is to deliver essential training on SharePoint Server for site members, teaching users how to navigate a SharePoint site, manage and organise documents, work with folders and use versioning.


  • You should be familiar with general concepts of web technologies from the point of view of a user.
  • Knowledge of the principles of document management systems is helpful but not essential.

Why take this course?

Better data management - As your organisation grows, so does the amount of files and data. Keeping track of multiplying files and their locations quickly becomes difficult. Knowledge of SharePoint Server will help you to stay on top of this by this by creating a central location for storing and accessing data.

Simplify information sharing - Learning how to set up SharePoint Server team sites will facilitate the easy sharing of information to all team members, increasing productivity.

Better career opportunities – SharePoint Server is mostly used by larger organisations. Getting hired usually means better pay and benefits.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is intended for:
    • New and existing SharePoint end users.
    • SharePoint business users.
    • Administrators looking to refine their skills and make a positive impact by enhancing collaboration, document management and social networking within their organisations.


1 day

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1-Day Course Content

  • What is SharePoint; navigating a SharePoint site
  • Searching within SharePoint
  • Exploring parts of a SharePoint space
  • What is a document library
  • Managing and organising documents
  • Document menus
  • List and library views
  • Working with folders and the explorer view
  • Principles of the recycle bin
  • Understanding and using versioning
  • Using Office 2010 documents in SharePoint
  • Document check in and out
  • Understanding ‘my site'
  • Navigating ‘my site’
  • Setting up and working with ‘my site’
  • User permissions in’ my site’