Microsoft Visio Training Advanced 2010/2016 | Training Course

Transform yourself from a casual Visio user to a Microsoft Visio pro.

This intensive 1-day Microsoft Visio training will help you achieve expertise in using the advanced features of Visio.

Learn to produce accurate and effective data-driven visuals, with topics including creating technical layouts, advanced formatting, custom shape design and integrating Visio with other Microsoft Office applications.

We'll show you the power of Microsoft Visio as a powerful diagramming and vector graphics application, that will help you transform concepts and ideas into visual representations. Discover the skills to draw org charts, network diagrams, business processes, 3D maps, schematics, infographics, building plans and much more.

Visio has seen many improvements over the years and is well integrated with the applications within the Microsoft Office suite. This encourages the sharing of Visio diagrams.

This intensive 1-day advanced Visio training course will help you achieve expertise in using the advanced features of Microsoft Visio 2010/2016 to produce accurate and effective data-driven visuals.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Design advanced plans and diagrams.
  • Modify and enhance existing drawings.
  • Create custom shapes, stencils, and templates.
  • Share drawings with others – even if they don't have Visio.
  • Link drawings to external data and more.


Before enrolling on this Advanced Visio training:

  • You should have completed our Microsoft Visio Introduction course, or have gained similar knowledge in the workplace.

Why take this Advanced Visio training course?

Improve your data presentations – You will gain the knowledge and skills to build more sophisticated diagrams, allowing you to present data accurately and attractively.

Boost productivity - The techniques taught in this course will enable you to complete tasks quicker.

Increase efficiency - Give yourself the opportunity to acquire good workflow habits, and save time on future projects by becoming a proficient user of Microsoft Visio.

Who should take this course?

  • Users familiar with the basic functions of Microsoft Visio 2010 / 2016 who wish to expand on their current knowledge to take advantage of the more complex features.
  • Visio designers wishing to take their graphics and illustrations to the next level.


1 day

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1-Day Course Content

  • Layers
  • Drawing scales
  • Precision techniques
  • Dimensioning
  • Themes and styles
  • Templates
  • Special drawing operations
  • Shape behaviour and events
  • Custom stencils
  • Block, tree, and onion diagrams
  • Flowcharts
  • Organisation charts
  • Project management diagrams
  • Web site maps
  • Integration with Microsoft Word
  • Integration with PowerPoint
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Working with web-enabling features
  • Documenting software systems
  • Database model diagrams