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Planning an Office 365 migration? Want to start using it more effectively?

Office 365 Mini Bootcamp

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Delivered as a weekly email series, you’ll enjoy the latest insights, resources and training tools to help you plan and implement effective Office 365 training and migration strategies.

Whether you’re completely new to the suite or want to get to grips with its more advanced features, we’ll help you get the most out of your investment.

Your Targets
By the end of the 6 weeks...

  • Learn key insights to successfully roll out Office 365 within your organisation

  • Understand how to maximise user adoption and success

  • Learn new ways to plan and implement training

  • Get regular resources to help you get the best out of Office 365

  • Have everything you need to start getting your teams fit for Office 365!

Your Office 365 training programme:


Week 1: 'Fitness' assessment week | Training Assessment Quiz

You’ll kick off by completing our 10-minute Office 365 training assessment. You’ll receive a personalised report identifying your level of knowledge and pinpointing the areas that you and your team need to improve.

Week 2: Understand your goals | Articles

In week 2 we'll share expert insight into how to successfully migrate to Office 365. You’ll receive your beginner’s guide to Office 365, 5 expert tips for a successful roll out, and explore the art of digital leadership.

Week 3: stretch your capabilities | Office 365 app guides

Week 3 is the beginning of stretching your comfort zone, by introducing you to many new apps that you might not be familiar with. Essential for getting the most from Office 365.

Week 4: core workout | video tutorials for onedrive

Week 4 focuses on using OneDrive, with a free set of our Minis tutorial videos. OneDrive cloud storage is a core functionality of Office 365, so it’s important you can perform the basics well.

Week 5: step it up | Quick reference guides for outlook and teams

Take your performance to the next level with cheat-sheet Quick Reference Guides for Outlook and Teams. QRGs give you a clear and accessible guide to the features and functionality of these popular programmes.

Week 6: personal training session | Webinar

Week 6 invites you to join our free interactive Webinar: Using and Rolling-Out Office 365 Successfully! Prepare your organisation for Office 365; learn from our experts; pick up vital tips and avoid the pitfalls!