public safety case study

Public Safety Training

Case Study


In August 2023, a large UK Police Force asked escalla to deliver a tutor led training solution to over 35,000 staff, to ensure officers and users of the system had full confidence in its operation.

The challenge was to deliver the training in under 4 months, with only 8 weeks from project sign-off to the start of delivery. The staff being trained deliver a 24/7 service vital to the security of London and the UK so scheduling and delivery uptime had to be 100% throughout the programme. The project had to engage an audience who had concerns about the system and scale of change.

The short timescale available and the amount of uptime required meant escalla had to deploy a turnkey solution of materials, trainers, IT equipment, Learning Management System (LMS), venues and schedule management. Working with a network of venue providers, escalla secured two central London Venues capable of building 20-person classrooms, fully equipped with all the relevant AV and IT equipment to facilitate these training sessions seven days a week.

The programme began with an intense Train-the-Trainer Programme, followed by the delivery phase where up to 1000 delegates completed the training daily across two central London locations and virtually.

Face-to-face training was vital due to the complexity and scale of change, the impact on day-to-day practices and to gain the level of user engagement needed for the system to deliver its full benefits over legacy systems.

Upon project completion, feedback concluded that:

  • 86% of delegates considering the delivery improved their confidence in the system.
  • 95%of delegates found the training to be clear and engaging.


Contact us today to explore how our training can elevate your team's proficiency and effectiveness in utilising public safety software. Together, let's build a safer, more empowered future. 

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