Python Crash Course – Zero to hero

Course dates

Available on demand


5 day


Live Online, instructor led



Python Crash Course – Zero to hero


An in-depth look at the Python (3.x) programming language, it’s capabilities and flexibility. The course will take learners from a position of never having developed a software program, to being able to create basic interfaces (command line and graphical) with native Python.

What you'll learn:

The course will begin with the basics of developing a command line interface program, and by the final day, development of user interface programs that can be deployed to most devices. The learner will become proficient in creating the logic required for handling data in various formats, and a small introduction to storing that data in external formats will be covered (SQLite and .CSV).

Who's it for?

Anyone who has a strong desire and the motivation to begin understanding the power of software development, with an aim to take a large step in to the development process. This course isn’t for the faint of heart!

Topics covered

Data types
Importing modules
Classes and structure
Basic object-oriented approaches to development
Graphical and Command Line Interface development
Data storage and manipulation

How it’s delivered:

This course is delivered ‘live on-line’ with a trainer and can be accessed via a PC, Mac or Tablet. With live online, you can interact, ask questions and practice new skills – all without leaving your desk! Perfect for dispersed teams working from home.


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